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Expo Slider?

A topic by fa3rry created Oct 04, 2016 Views: 560 Replies: 13
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Hi. Loving the new ability to save settings, and I also love the new map and am gonna definitely buy recharged, because it looks sick :)

For the settings, I'm finding it hard to get a good feel now that expo is either on or off, and the expo is pretty high when on.

I think most pilots dial in the amount of expo they want, any chance on adding this in a future release?



Thank you!

Yes, the idea is that the in-game expo can be used if you want some expo but are unable to dial it in on your controller.

And for pilots that wants dial it in with great precision, you select "linear" in the simulator and dial in the expo settings exactly as you wish on your radio.

Hi! actually I love the expo and default settings, I want to set my drone to match it, what is the expo in the game? thanks so much, awesome game

in the most basic terms I mean. currently I run like 72% expo on pitch and roll, and I think about my rates in terms of degrees per second. I have just the demo of fpv freerider recharged, and I love the way it feels on "high rates." I realize the camera angle is too low, but other than that I would love to replicate it. Thanks for the help


Glad to hear that you like the feel of it. I'm not sure how you would replicate it on your quad since the expo is just one of many variables. The built in expo in Freerider is a pretty straightforward x^2 curve. The rates is what affects the flight characteristics the most, in the full version you can play around with the values.

Thanks so much! that totally helps, checking out that graph right now and I can probably match it. Thanks for your time. regards, Michael

AWESOME!!! I got it to match an x(squared) curve by using the super expo in cleanflight only, not regular expo. fly's amazing. thanks for the insight


Great, glad to hear that you managed to match it!

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Love this Sim .  I have both Freerider and free rider Recharged .   Could you tell me What the Rates setting values are in °/Second  are ?  I'm trying to get real quad to feel like the Game but without knowing What Degrees/Second are it's really a guessing game ...  i.e. how Much is 0.5  & 18.0 in the Pitch/Roll ??? thanks  and keep up the coolest sim .  One thing  i  Would like to see added  is revers Racing  ( race the tracks  the other way around  ) . please let me know  thanks . 

the way I figured out rates is to video record your screen with your phone  doing rolls and yaw, then analyze the footage to figure out your degrees per second

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Thank you  Michael ...  but I feel this  will be quite inaccurate  as there is a minimal delay between your

 Controller to Computer  + Computer  to  Screen + Screen to Phone Camera + Phone Camera to Reorder   It ALL adds up  . 

I know Josh bardwell  and RCschimt Use this method to determine the  FPV came latency Speed .  But but all these  factor still doesn't give you an accurate number .     

But if you do have the  Numbers please do share .  it sure will get me closer to what i want out of my Qwad ...  

I'm sure  Freerider must know the Exact numbers .

haha good sir, the latency you are talking about has no significance to what you are trying to measure. if you see the start of the roll and end of the roll in your recorded video thats all you need to measure, how that video got to your phone doesn't matter at that point.  I think you will find that measuring down to the 2 -3 milliseconds of inaccuracy in an iphone recording device is so imperceptible. I change my rates by 2-3 degrees per second sometimes and its honestly not even noticeable as you fly.  some advice, I would start the roll going and then start recording on like your second or third loop, that way you avoid the speed up and slow down of your fingers on the sticks : ) cheers

Aight looks like i won't have a choice  but to use this technic  ... cheers boss. 

Developer (Edited 2 times)

michael4190's suggestion on how to measure is good. The rotation speed depends on many factors (mass/angular drag/rates...) and it's currently not possible to simply enter the rotational speed value in degrees directly in the sim.