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in the most basic terms I mean. currently I run like 72% expo on pitch and roll, and I think about my rates in terms of degrees per second. I have just the demo of fpv freerider recharged, and I love the way it feels on "high rates." I realize the camera angle is too low, but other than that I would love to replicate it. Thanks for the help

Glad to hear that you like the feel of it. I'm not sure how you would replicate it on your quad since the expo is just one of many variables. The built in expo in Freerider is a pretty straightforward x^2 curve. The rates is what affects the flight characteristics the most, in the full version you can play around with the values.

Thanks so much! that totally helps, checking out that graph right now and I can probably match it. Thanks for your time. regards, Michael

AWESOME!!! I got it to match an x(squared) curve by using the super expo in cleanflight only, not regular expo. fly's amazing. thanks for the insight

Great, glad to hear that you managed to match it!