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Thank you  Michael ...  but I feel this  will be quite inaccurate  as there is a minimal delay between your

 Controller to Computer  + Computer  to  Screen + Screen to Phone Camera + Phone Camera to Reorder   It ALL adds up  . 

I know Josh bardwell  and RCschimt Use this method to determine the  FPV came latency Speed .  But but all these  factor still doesn't give you an accurate number .     

But if you do have the  Numbers please do share .  it sure will get me closer to what i want out of my Qwad ...  

I'm sure  Freerider must know the Exact numbers .

haha good sir, the latency you are talking about has no significance to what you are trying to measure. if you see the start of the roll and end of the roll in your recorded video thats all you need to measure, how that video got to your phone doesn't matter at that point.  I think you will find that measuring down to the 2 -3 milliseconds of inaccuracy in an iphone recording device is so imperceptible. I change my rates by 2-3 degrees per second sometimes and its honestly not even noticeable as you fly.  some advice, I would start the roll going and then start recording on like your second or third loop, that way you avoid the speed up and slow down of your fingers on the sticks : ) cheers

Aight looks like i won't have a choice  but to use this technic  ... cheers boss.