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Share Your Projects Here!

A topic by Abe Mendes created 93 days ago Views: 194 Replies: 6
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Hey! I've been really excited about designing and consuming pbp games for the past few years. I'm thrilled to see this category here, since the few games designed for pbp tend to get buried amid tabletop stuff. I'd really love to see what's out there that I've missed. I strongly believe that this is a really rich format, and it'll only get richer with conversation! Share your pbp and journaling games here and let's get some conversation happening!

I'm also gearing up to launching a pbp/journaling games discord community from my twitter later this week, of anyone's interested.

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My main pbp projects in various stages of development right now are:

Time Capsule:  A 6 player journaling game about history, robots, the apocalypse, and long distance community.

Wanderer's Journal (with Kit Haehnel):  A twitter bot game about cave exploration inspired by Hollow Knight and Takuma Okada's Alone Among The Stars

The Last Days of Solomon (with Jay Dragon):  A tragic fantasy pbp game for 8-12 about the last city in the world and the people who rule it.

Untitled Mythbuilding Game (with Kaiya Lewis-Marlow): Collaboratively tell the history of a civilization by recounting their mythology

Gone But Not Forgotten: Standoffs between memory scavengers on the ocean at the the edge of the afterlife.

Also....   Just how hard is it to set up a twitter bot game?  I wish to know!  For reasons.

something im still figuring out myself!


I'm working on a mercenary group kind of thing that I'm calling Rhamnus Free Company.  Roughly a love letter to an idealized Black Company kind of plot.

It's right up next to playtest-ready, so long as it's me running it.  The handful of other people likely to find my current notes comprehensible...   Er, have already seen them.


I just released Yowl! What a Strange Hotel, a game meant to be played pbp where you tell the story of a bizarre hotel through a series of Yowl! reviews. I'd love to get some feedback, it's the first game I've designed that's meant to be played pbp!


Hi all! We're creating system-specific threads for this now. Please check out the official thread if you want to include your project.