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Purchase failed after payment

A topic by 自律的爱丽丝 created Mar 13, 2019 Views: 446 Replies: 4
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Half a month ago,My feedback has not received any response so far, so I complained about it to PayPal.Can I understand that you have turned a blind eye to your mistakes? If there is any misunderstanding in the middle, please explain to me.This is not a question about a cup of coffee. I feel that I have been ignored.


Hey there. Our admins are busy people. Delays happen in support e-mails, and forum posts sometimes slip through the cracks. I just signaled them. Someone should be along soon.

Thank you for your prompt reply, I just need a reasonable answer. Posts, emails did not reply, which made me a bit confused.



I checked our support ticket logs and we replied to you 16 days ago, the same day you reached out to us. At that time your purchase was still marked as pending by PayPal. I just checked again and the purchase is now marked as complete. You should have received an email receipt with your download link (or you can access it from your accounts library). If you opened a dispute with PayPal then we appreciate it if you would close it.

Regarding you not seeing our response from our support email, maybe you can check your spam filter to see if the message was blocked?


Thank you for your reply. The question has just been resolved before you reply. I have closed the PayPal complaint, but I did not receive any reply message from the station or the mailbox. This made me very confused, but I finally got a proper solution.

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