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OK, thank you, I will continue to follow ~ XD

I bought it on steam, is there a synchronous update?

Is this plugin compatible with yep_ItemCore and other yep plugins?

Hello, tell you about the problem I encountered.

bug1:If the slot item is set to not disappear, the added slot will not disappear after the removal, and there will be one more slot after the mosaic.
bug2:If the slot reaches the maximum limit,There will be hints after the mosaic, no new slots will be added, but the slot item will still be effective, and the slot item will still be consumed.

Suggest1:Can Notes be applicable ? ↓↓↓
<Augment: type> <Augment Attach: type>  <Augment Detach: type>
Suggest2: Add new features↓↓↓
ADD SLOT: typeName


Perfect, I will use it well in the game. φ(≧ω≦*)♪ If I have any thoughts, I will tell you, hopefully this will not delay you too much time.

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Thanks for the reply, it has been solved, I have seen the new features! I have a suggestion, can you provide an option that the inlay will not disappear?  such as ADD SLOT TRUE: typeName or ADD SLOT FLASE: typeName

If there is an error in pressing the space in the mosaic window, is there any further consideration for optimizing the plugin?

Thank you for your reply. The question has just been resolved before you reply. I have closed the PayPal complaint, but I did not receive any reply message from the station or the mailbox. This made me very confused, but I finally got a proper solution.

I am also very sorry, but I will continue to pay attention to it, thinking about other payment methods.


Thank you for your prompt reply, I just need a reasonable answer. Posts, emails did not reply, which made me a bit confused.

Half a month ago,My feedback has not received any response so far, so I complained about it to PayPal.Can I understand that you have turned a blind eye to your mistakes? If there is any misunderstanding in the middle, please explain to me.This is not a question about a cup of coffee. I feel that I have been ignored.

After I purchased a product and paid for it, the system showed failure.I tried sending emails or giving feedback. I provided paypal ticket information. It doesn't seem to work. I don't want to pay again, but I don't know who to look for.