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Butler won't run on my PC

A topic by Joure created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 746 Replies: 7
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Hi guys. I'm very interested in using butler for version control and all the other neat features it comes with but I can't seem to even launch the tool. Do I need anything besides the butler tool? Right now when I launch the tool it opens a window for a split second and then just shuts down. No message nor warning. If anyone know what I might be doing wrong then I would appreciate the help greatly.

I'm running Windows 10 fully updated.


Hey Joure,

As detailed in its documentation, you need to run it from a Command prompt (cmd.exe), since it's a command-line tool.

I suggest you go through the documentation and follow the setup steps — it's really rather simple, even if you've never used a command prompt before!


Ohh, I'm sorry. I'm just very new to command line based apps. I got it to work after figuring out how to set it up so I can run it with command prompt. Thanks. Sorry for wasting your time.


No problem, glad you got it working!

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Sorry to bother once again. I can't seem to push my game onto
I followed this simple how-to guide and I run into this error:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>butler push F:\Program Files\ joure/stardrop:win-64
butler: error: unexpected joure/stardrop:win-64

I triple checked but these are my account names as well as the correct name of my game page/project. I authenticated my butler correctly as well and it's up to date. I really am at a loss why this error is occurring. Any help would e greatly appreciated.


Hey, can you try the following commands?

cd "F:\Program Files"
butler push joure/stardop:win-64

Windows is weird about drives, so that might explain it.

Also: you don't need to zip up the game yourself, you can just push a folder (that's actually faster).

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You sir are a legend. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I only had to fix the last command line (stardop:win-64 = stardrop:win-64)

but it works perfectly and the file is uploading right now !!!

Man, what a load off. Again thank you. :D


Good to hear!