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Question about access controls (possible feature request?)

A topic by HOF Studios created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 170 Replies: 2
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Forgive me if this is addressed in the documentation somewhere but I did not see it. Let me run a scenario by the community and see if there is an easy way to achieve what i want with the refinery tools:

  • My team is developing a game, to be released in about a year
  • We have distributed keys to our alpha testers using the "distribute" keys
  • We now want to upload a "demo" version of the game that should be publicly available
  • We'd like to have a "suggested payment" button for the demo download
  • We still want the keys for the alpha version to apply to that and be separate
  • We don't want anyone who downloaded the demo to get alpha updates and get a final version of the game
I suspect that the way to get what I want is to actually set up two different games: one for the demo and one for the real thing. That way I can give away the demo (while still having the suggested donation) and keep the "real" game (and my alpha testers) separated. I'd prefer not to do this as I am afraid it might eventually make things confusing for my players.
I am guessing that this is a similar situation for many indie developers and might make a nice addition to the refinery toolset (ability to have a demo with a suggested donation) if it can't be done now.

thanks for any help that anyone provides!


Hey there,

Having two separate pages is indeed the only way to do exactly what you want for now! In the future we might implement finer access control, but it would complicate a lot of things (and probably confuse players even more!)

Thanks for the response! I guess I can switch the "real" game over to private to reduce the confusion.