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AutoDM (temporary title)

A topic by Slashie created Mar 05, 2019 Views: 118 Replies: 7
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For this year, I'm making a program that simulates a (pretty uninspired) DM running a RPG adventure, as an alternate interpretation of roguelikes, inspired by my article:

Will fill this with more info probably.

Day 1

Created a simple engine for a Interaction Fiction like thing, and a static plotline for it. Next step is having a program that can generate the timeline himself.

I like this idea a lot. The article you wrote is also very interesting. I'm ready to see what you build.

Thank you, let's see how it goes :)

Day 2

Barebones generator for a lineal plotline. Was able to finish make it work after simplifying the design a lot for this next increment. One thing that is still not there is the ability to adapt the plot to the player's journey.

Shooting for a static world because grand scale world generators make worlds players feel are discardable and they don't care about them.

Still deciding how the game will actually play, either something similar to point and click game, a classic text adventure with graphics, a traditional console roguelike, a free movement RPG similar to Zelda, or a 3D game in Unity. We are almost halfway thru the challenge and I still don't know :/

Not sure about your intention, but I think that "classic text adventure with graphics" would fit well.


Day 3

No coding was done on day 3, but I defined some designs for the actual player interaction.

Day 4

Absolutely no advancement. Sad panda.


Day 5 . No advancements

Day 6 and 7 where crazy, finally managed to finish: check it out at will write a bit about it soon.