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Cody Loyd - Symbion

A topic by codyloyd created Mar 02, 2019 Views: 123 Replies: 7
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I've done about a day's worth of coding on this thing by now and thought I'd take a break to introduce the concept of my game and share some screenshots

Using lua/löve2d for everything.

My game is a fairly traditional, but pared down roguelike.  It's turn-based and grid-based has permadeath and dungeons yay!

The basic idea is that you are the hero, but on your own you are a fairly weak human.  In order to succeed in your adventure you'll need to make use of "Symbions" which are magical parasites that you can voluntarily attach to your body to grant you special powers.  While they're attached to you your actions slowly drain their life force.. so you need to be careful.  If you drain one all the way then they die and you lose them forever!  While they are unattached they gradually gain back their life force so that they can be attached again later.

You can only have one Symbion attached at a time, and they all have different sets of abilities so you'll need to decide which one you need at a given time.. for example you might have one that allows you to shoot fireballs, and one that greatly increases your speed... so you can use the fireball one to blast a few monsters from a distance and then switch to the speedy one to run when the monsters get too close!

I'm using tiles for a somewhat modern look.

This is a cool idea. Looking really good so far!

It looks great! I like color palette :) Do you use Oryx tiles?

yep those are the oryx tiles and the palette is this one

Interesting, looking forward to playing it.

Well I didn't do a very good job of posting updates...... but here's the game lol