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Release Date?

A topic by Angela233 created 54 days ago Views: 799 Replies: 5
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Thank you for making such a beautiful game. It's been a while since I added this game to my Steam Wishlist. So, just wondering will the release date to be announced soon?  I can't wait to play the full version of it :)

i've seen somewhere in their website that the release is expected in the middle of May (19th) or something. i believe it got moved from april for more content.

what was that thing we paid $4.99 for on steam? just the demo?

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Due to this post (4/1 Update: ANNOUNCING NEW PROJECT), they said that they would put the development of Red Embrace: Hollywood on indefinite hiatus in order to focus on their new project, but then later continued to update on Markus's route and estimated its completion date around April 9 (Markus 80% complete). I'm confused.


Pretty  sure that's  an April Fools joke lol

I'm honestly not sure myself but based on their recent update, it shouldn't take that long to release the game considering that they have finished up all the character routes and said that the programming should be a speedy process. I have to agree with ZeeToat, the hiatus is probably just an April's Fool joke. Plus that "new project" doesn't look good enough to be real. xD They hyped up Red Embrase: Hollywood a lot, so there's no way that a more important project announcement would look like that. xD (At least I hope so)