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Thank you for making such a beautiful game. It's been a while since I added this game to my Steam Wishlist. So, just wondering will the release date to be announced soon?  I can't wait to play the full version of it :)

Hi! I downloaded the demo from itch and then bought the full version of this game on Steam. For some reason it won't let me load the data I've saved in the demo when I launch the full version of this game. Is this because I didn't get the demo and full version on the same platform? Or perhaps this could be a bug that I can find a way to solve it? 

Hi! Is this the exactly the same version of what's on Steam? Will I get to see all the plot if I purchase this game on Steam? I was concerned because the censorship of Steam.

Thanks for your reply :) I tried many ways to open it and finally find out how to launch the game. Instead of launching game by click on the game icon, I have to right click on the icon, choose Show package contents, click on the folder named Contents, double click the exec file of CursedLands in the MacOS folder, then the game will automatically launches through Terminal. Just in case if someone get into the same trouble as me, this could be a method to solve their problemsXD. Thanks for all the efforts you put into this game. It is an excellent game that I really reallyyy enjoy playing it!

Cursed Lands community · Created a new topic Bug report

It won't open after I finish downloading the full version of the game. I got no problem running the demo on my Mac but the full game doesn't work as I expected.