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My thoughts exactly 


thank you I downloaded it two days ago is there a newer build

hello i am crashing when they are doing the animation for the base to explain how we can escape

hi there! is this an active project? <33333

thank you very very much

I'm  not sure what's included in the deluxe version versus buying all the routes on steam with the base game. Do I still have to purchase routes since I bought the deluxe?

I finished this game all routes good and bad. Firstly I wanna say the bad routes are really bad. I would suggest reading with caution there are a bunch of trigger warnings I personally felt were missing from the description. However the good endings are very good. They made me feel very complete everything felt really final in a good way. I'm not sure who my favorite route was but overall it was a good game and I'd recommend reading it. With the amount of content there is and reading I'd say it's worth much more than $10.

what was that thing we paid $4.99 for on steam? just the demo?

I really think your work is worth a fair set price just throwing that out there.

wow you're amazing

i need this game I'm so glad it's almost october. how much will the full game be?

okay this game is fantastic why is it free? this was great. great job

Hi just wondering is this a demo or nah :)?