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Even after uninstalling/updating/reinstalling, itch app still says I need to upgrade to version 25

A topic by B. Zolaire created Feb 23, 2019 Views: 95 Replies: 2
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I'm using Window 10 64-bit. Here's what my process has been:

  1. Uninstalling itch app through the Programs list on Windows settings.
  2. Downloading the new installer directly from
  3. Running installer (works fine)
  4. Opening itch app, still getting a big purple notification screen saying "need to upgrade to version 25" and that this version is no longer supported :(

Hi! My guess is that v23 never quit. You can quit it with Ctrl+Q. Then, when you start the itch app again, you should be seeing v25.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, this worked perfectly! I definitely wouldn't have thought of that on my own--I don't think I've ctrl+Q'd anything since the days when I used to use an iMac (cmd+Q)