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You made a sequel?  You're mad!  Of course this will be a day 1 purchase. Now I just need to find the time to play it.

Definitely good stuff here, for any UI, not just a VN.

*Sees Ebi has a new relaese*buys without hesitation*is not disapointed*

A nice story about growing up and relationships, with a slightly spooky atmosphere.  Nice twist at the end. Now I want to know what happens with them after!

Maddie is totally correct about Carpenter's The Thing. It is a classic for a reason! Many reasons.

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In fact, I stopped playing the demo to avoid any further spoilers. Watching Mads & Tara's relationship deteriorate, wondering how or even if they'll patch things. Then really crazy stuff starts happening. By that point I was hooked! and had to finish every route. Totally worth every penny.

Though I am kind of glad I did play the demo first, the intro really sets things up well. If possible, I'd suggest integrating the demo's intro to the start of the full game.

Yay! It had been so long since your last comment/update I was a little worried. I'm definately planning on getting the full game when it's availible.

Short, sweet and so cute! Like Time I just kept thinking 'there's got to be a way to make it better!" and... well, without spoilers, it was worth getting all the endings!

Finally got around to reading this, and I think it's your most mature VN I've read yet - both in subject and quality of the writing. The artist did a great job making Bell luring in every picture she's in. And that ending!

I also had a 'rough patch' with my wife and was confronted with temptation, so I can very much relate to Robin. Thankfully, my wife and worked things out... but I also wasn't pursued by a cute cat-girl, so who knows how things might have turned out different.

Is this still in development? I just played the demo and really want to see where the story goes.

Just played through the demo. Very promising beginning, especially for an alpha build. I look forward to seeing how this game progresses as you refine and add content.

I was having this exact same issue. Making sure the old version was fully closed did the trick. Now I fell silly for not thinking of it.

Finally got around to finishing SoulSet. Very much enjoyed it. Took a little bit to get all the endings, but worth it.  Hope we see more of these characters and the world someday.

That was a short and bittersweet story, told so well without a single word, and with beautiful artwork.

A question - does it make any difference if the constellations are correct, or was making up new constellations half the fun?