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Yay! It had been so long since your last comment/update I was a little worried. I'm definately planning on getting the full game when it's availible.

Short, sweet and so cute! Like Time I just kept thinking 'there's got to be a way to make it better!" and... well, without spoilers, it was worth getting all the endings!

Finally got around to reading this, and I think it's your most mature VN I've read yet - both in subject and quality of the writing. The artist did a great job making Bell luring in every picture she's in. And that ending!

I also had a 'rough patch' with my wife and was confronted with temptation, so I can very much relate to Robin. Thankfully, my wife and worked things out... but I also wasn't pursued by a cute cat-girl, so who knows how things might have turned out different.

Is this still in development? I just played the demo and really want to see where the story goes.

Just played through the demo. Very promising beginning, especially for an alpha build. I look forward to seeing how this game progresses as you refine and add content.

I was having this exact same issue. Making sure the old version was fully closed did the trick. Now I fell silly for not thinking of it.

Finally got around to finishing SoulSet. Very much enjoyed it. Took a little bit to get all the endings, but worth it.  Hope we see more of these characters and the world someday.

That was a short and bittersweet story, told so well without a single word, and with beautiful artwork.

A question - does it make any difference if the constellations are correct, or was making up new constellations half the fun?