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Finally got around to reading this, and I think it's your most mature VN I've read yet - both in subject and quality of the writing. The artist did a great job making Bell luring in every picture she's in. And that ending!

I also had a 'rough patch' with my wife and was confronted with temptation, so I can very much relate to Robin. Thankfully, my wife and worked things out... but I also wasn't pursued by a cute cat-girl, so who knows how things might have turned out different.


Thank you very much for leaving a comment! I appreciate it! >_<
And yes, this story is pretty grim! I think it has the oldest protagonist of all my stories (and a married one, no less!) so that might be why it feels more mature? I don't write characters like this very often, so it was fun to step out of my comfort zone a bit.
Maybe I should try writing something else with a slightly older cast of characters...

And I'm glad to hear that things were resolved between you and your wife! Fortunately, not many people are pursued by cute cat girls, so it shouldn't be an issue haha ;;