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Just came to this link from the video! awesome awesome, congrats!!

... Once I saw the jam dates on here, I'm actually almost positive I signed up to be a jam participant back then (but definitely did not so much as even work on a submission). Now i'm like, dang it I could have been in a Polygon video, past me, what were you thinking 😅

Again, really nice visibility for itchio game jams, so congrats y'all! ❤️

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this is the funniest pinball ever made. gary stern is mad jealous now. very delightful!

I was looking for pinball games on itch when I came across this one. Enjoyed it! Neat to see pinball adaptations of video games that aren't currently getting made by real-world manufacturers anyway XD

Enjoyed this! For future ref (no need to correct this retroactively)--attaching a target icon and/or line of sight would be really helpful for coordinating and increasing accuracy on hitting the tiny bullets (that, or making the bullets bigger would also help).

FWIW, I am playing this on Chrome with a laptop trackpad

lovely game, thanks for making!

i just switched from injections to t-gel myself (weirdly enough, I didn't mind doing injections when i started, but after a few months my skin got very tight and sensitive, so I needed to switch to a topical form). so far i've been really liking my own experiences with t-gel, BUT i'm also currently single, have no pets to worry about, and i don't apply it at the same time as my shower routine either. 

i'm sorry that it has been a weird and frustrating experience for you. i really appreciated that you took the time and energy to share it in this interactive form, and found a lot of relevancy for myself (i have ADD and that significantly affects my ability to "get started" on anything in the morning instead of just laying around on twitter--so yeah, big mood)

Due to the fact that I spent 6-8 hours today on the road due to an unexpected last-minute trip, I had to SEVERELY modify the "phone ringing" mechanic down from what I had originally been thinking in my design planning session. But I'm really happy I stuck with making this first Inktober game entry a reality for its own sake, without making my brain too sore from making the phone-ringing mechanic be unnecessarily complex (even if it was really cool in my notebook!)

As we are two weeks out from the start of October, I thought it useful to put together a Discord server. You can join it here. Contains channels for discussing game dev and/or Inktober itself, as well as for looking for teammates/collaborators.

However, you are welcome to also use this message board on itchio for the above purposes as well.

I don't have a second player with me for these games, so I tend to play with fake fictional characters. I used Persona 5 characters and had a lot of fun with this!

This is such a delightful sequel to your already immensely enjoyable Carrot Care game from June. I started playing it but then realized I should stop to do a full playthrough so that I could maybe upload it as a video? who knows, it's 2:30am here, so this might not be my best idea yet. But still. Thank you for making this

i love this

Pretty dang neat concept! Found this relaxing. I would love to see this expanded into more "generative art" gameplay :D

I don't know that I would call this abandoned--this is a perfectly reasonable length for a game jam game! Shorter is usually sweeter in this context, IMO. Lovely work on the curved TV screen effects <3

This is a great cool proof-of-concept in 2 hours time!! I didn't read the Story text until afterwards. The aesthetic and theme reminded me of those interactive animations KIDS and Plug-and-Play (made by the Playables team)

That makes a lot of sense! I'm surprised at how small the team was, but the strength and synchronization of your collaboration energy really shows!

I use the free WinZip program for both .zip and .rar files. Works for both.

Beautiful artwork and very clever design! I love unique genre/medium combinations like "walking simulator meets card game." Would love to see more of this!

I am obviously a HUGE fan of the use of eating jam as a gameplay mechanic! Food games are great!

I also very much appreciate the colorful, overall pleasing and readable graphic design of the tabletop booklet, as it makes it much easier to quickly understand how gameplay works. Finally, I appreciate that there's an inherently educational purpose/design intention, as both the actual mechanics (and the short writeup in the booklet) draw attention to a real and present social issue.

I'm sure playtesting this must have been delicious ;) After the jam's locked period ends, I'd love to see the booklet get another writing/editing pass (just for polish, clarifying punctuation, etc.). This seems like it would be a fun game to demonstrate in-person at conventions and local game-dev meetups or parties (maybe even with a short gameplay video on this itchio page?). I've seen a couple of food-based games get demonstrated/played at events like that, successfully.

I just want to mention that the way I ended up playing this game, since I was by myself, was to use the "oregon trail method" of filling in all the player names with fictional characters. In this case it was Persona 5. If you have any familiarity with Persona 5, I hope you will find these screenshots as hilarious as I did. If not, well, let's just say this game doubles as a good headcanon fanfic generator one can play as a single-player experience.

Just here to say thank you for putting in save point(s) throughout this game which makes the platforming less frustrating! :)

just a quick  note on this submission, purely in the context of the jam: although the screenshots do strongly hint at this (which is helpful!), since there IS a lot of creepy-crawly visuals and sounds in this game, that would be the perfect kind of information to briefly state upfront in the Sensory Info description box. (especially since bugs are one of the most common phobias in the general population)

Just ooc, how many people worked on this? I couldn't quite tell if there was a credits list in-game and I didn't see one on the itchio page

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I was already enthralled with this game in the first five seconds, purely as a highly "hashtag-aesthetic" racing/walking sim. The successive sections I discovered (shooting aliens-->puzzle frog holes-->puzzle frog scales-->aimless clicking dance party) kept me asking "wait, you mean there's MORE!?" I'm seriously impressed!

My one piece of critique: I was glancing over at my second monitor (with your submission entry form) during the puzzle frog's first puzzle sequence, and I realized I didn't actually catch the instructions fully. I kept clicking on the frog hoping that it would just repeat what it said earlier--it had an excellent variety of dialogue options, but no exact repeat of the puzzle rules/goal. 

(lol'ing at the "math" tag on this game XDDD)

EDIT: thanks for making the primary controls mouse-click-only! That makes it very accessible and enjoyable! but also, really liked the easter egg I found on the "dance party" screen where pressing WASD revealed other sounds!)

Happy to hear that the writing came across as non-gendered! Coincidentally, I (the writer) am a non-binary person, so that is extra amusing to hear!

Yes, life would be much simpler if all games could be therapy in some way. Haha :)

Per the game jam submission form, the Content information box is "not" for controls or directions to play the game--that's what your game's project page is for! Look at some of the other submissions to see how they filled out their content information box.

super clever take on the theme without compromising ease of gameplay and controls. great job!

Incredible experience!

wow the writing is really good and the worldbuilding/narrative design is super interesting! would love to see this expanded with more interactivity and content. great work!

had a lot of fun with this!!!


the remake we don't deserve 10/10

oh my god this is hilarious. thank you

NVM, did some research into the song and was able to verify this after a bit. Thanks for making this game!

wow, this was really personal and hit home well. excellent writing.

Thanks very much!

Super rad! I wanted to ask what the music for this game is? Thanks!

Hi, I super enjoyed the rhythm gameplay of this! very challenging, but fun!

I wanted to ask if the song in question was a Creative Commons song or otherwise obtained with written permission of the artist.

either way super nice tight gameplay!!!

very delightful yes!