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A jam submission

Almost ThereView game page

A Bullet Hell where you can't shoot
Submitted by Soleil Levant (@GoodOldLevant) — 3 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Almost There's page

Theme inspiration
There's a passage and you have to get to the end of it to finish the game. Also, Pas Sage means unwise in french, you have to make the unwise decision of getting out of the safe lane to find the key and the fuel to keep going to the end of the passage

Sensory info
Not at all

Content info
Kill all the enemies in the challenge room to get the red key and unlock the red door. On the other side of the passage, salvation is waiting.

If you manage to finish the game, You'll get a hidden secret code to unlock this file:

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Media
Extra Delicious
Extra Diegetic UI
Extra CC0 and CC-BY

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Wish there was a bit more feedback to understand when I'm taking damage! Also very strange, but your app appears to use the icon from our previous game Commander in Leaf that we put out in December for the Second Extra Credits Jam. I'm not sure if this is some odd glitch and it's pulling a random file from my computer or you actually chose to use our art, but it gave me a good laugh.



we didn't even configure an icon for the game hahaha. 


Per the game jam submission form, the Content information box is "not" for controls or directions to play the game--that's what your game's project page is for! Look at some of the other submissions to see how they filled out their content information box.