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Sorry, we can't accept your purchase at this time due to the updated 2015 VAT regulations...

A topic by timcclayton created 234 days ago Views: 147 Replies: 4
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Hello all.

I am trying to purchase 3 different games from itch.io but I get the following error each time:


Confirm payment

Sorry, we can't accept your purchase at this time due to the updated 2015 VAT regulations <http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/taxation/vat/how_vat_works/telecom/index_en.htm>. Your billing address does not match your purchase location (HU).

I live in a non-VAT area (Jersey in the UK) and have bought a number of other games from this site recently without a problem.

Has anyone here experienced this and able to help?

I did email itch.io a few days ago but havent received a response as yet.

Thanks in advance,




Sorry for not getting back to your email. Is it possible you're using the internet from somewhere else now, or you're using some kind of proxy? We need to two non-contradictory pieces of information confirming your location when determining if and how VAT should be collected. One of those is your IP address. If you IP address says that you're in a VAT enabled region then we put you through the VAT flow.


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Hi Leafo.

I don't use a proxy, my current IP address is: [removed] which is owned by Sure in Guernsey (they also operate in Jersey). Sure is a division of Cable & Wireless. I am using the PC from Jersey and always have, I have never connected from another country or area.

I checked my profile to see if anything was wrong there, but it all looks normal. And I did purchase some games last week with no problem.

It's a weird one!


edit: removed public IP address listing

Seems like Myriam has fixed this by email, I have managed to now buy the games (and a few more, there are some real gems curated here). For those who come here with the same problem, the purchasing system was seeing my IP address as Hungary rather than a part of the UK and therefore throwing the VAT problem up.

Thanks for the help and fix.



Hey Tim, looks like Myriam's taking care of your support ticket — we'll take a look at it now!