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Burning Knight

Green dumbo stumbles upon a spooky dungeon and descends into it, griefing and stealing everything, that he sees... · By egordorichev

Release date?

A topic by Chris McFarland created Jan 22, 2019 Views: 372 Replies: 3
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Hi, do you know what the planned release date will be?

Will this be on Steam, or just itch to start with?

Any gameplay videos?

How does this compare to Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?



The game will be released both on Steam and (and maybe on epic store / discord store) around April / May of this year.

If you put it into comparison with NT or ETG, it's them combined PLUS melee and magic classes, PLUS it's not really any of these games, but totally inspired a lot by them. One huge difference, I'm proud of, is that the game dungeons are really generated from 0, there are no premade rooms like in ETG, yet the procgen is much more interesting than NT!

 The trailer will appear soon, you can follow the development on twitter for future news ;)

Does pre-ordering mean I can play the game once I've purchased it or do I still need to wait for the release date?


No, the game is still in the development. You will be able to play it, once it comes out, we hope that happens this May. Buying it now or waiting for proper release doesn't really matter, you still get the full awesome game in the end :)