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Sniper Towers are useless, Rapid Flame Turrets are OP, jet packs slimes are faster than bullets and can only be hit by accident. Soaker turrets are too weak since the attack speed comes at the cost of one shotting enemies, and I'm not sure what cannons do but they're not much better than double shot towers. Interesting idea using the fields but certain parts of the game seem unnecessarily difficult to play against and certain towers are just objectively outclassed. Also enemies get stuck in corners occasionally, and jet packs sometimes don't end the wave. Great job Orion, I'm impressed. Sorry for trashing on your game, but not sorry ;)

Bruh indeed Bruh


Can we preorder the game? I would love to pay for the demo and not have to worry about buying the game later when it releases

Is this game dead?

I've spent around an hour on this game and it's been on of the best hours of gaming this week. I love it so much and it's only in early access. No bugs, tons of content, and a rewarding playing system filled with fun quirks and techniques that I can't wait to master. To top it all off, it runs fabulously. I have an ancient (like 6 year old) laptop from ASUS that can barely run most games, ON MINIMUM GRAPHICS. But this game runs perfectly. Would definitely recommend this game, especially to any fans of giant monster games, pacific rim, and physics based brawlers. Sadly I have no friends to play the multiplayer with at the moment :(, so I don't know how good that is yet. But the rest of the game alone will have me playing for another 6 hours at least, I'm sure.

How do I get my key?

same here!