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Thank you for the feedback.  I added some card fx last month and will be adding more assets by the end of the month.
When you do find a project to use them in, leave the link and I'll share it on my sociables.

You sold me when I heard my last name in your trailer. Is it wrong to cheer on Major Strauss? 

I made good use of them so far and there should / will be more. I'll share the link when we're ready to announce the game with a trailer. Possibly in the next week 😃

Downloaded and already implemented into our game!

Awesome pixel art!

We appreciate that you spent the time to create a new account to post your comment on a game that was made in less than 72 hrs. 

Cheers to you mate!

These are great! I've purchased a huge icon asset pack from the Unity store but their art style isn't a clean and crisp as this.

I went through a week of overtime just so I could buy EVERYTHING  RPG Worlds (including the buildings).
It was well worth it! Stunning art with a lot of variety to get me started.
Looking forward to building my world and  future assets you release for RPG Worlds.

This was a fun little platformer with nice lighting. Who thought restarting hell would be rewarding?

I hope you continue to work on this game after the jam is finished. Graphics and audio were on point and you laid down a solid foundation in 72hrs. Has great potential to be expanded upon!

I like your art style, a lot!
Do you have any intentions of expanding your DnD tile set?
Also, don't be shy and share your social media links so we can support you further in your journey.

I've made an update. Card backs and these borders. ;)

Here's what I've been working on for borders...

Thank you for the comment. 

I do intend to make more card backs. There's only two backs at the moment (the brick textured cards) on the right of the sprite sheet.

I'm open to suggestions if you have any  for the card backs.

Thank you kindly!

There will be more card designs (colors, text holders, card borders), items, icons, ect coming in a few days. I will probably make a few prefabs as well.

If it wasn't for your tutorials, my game dev progress would have been snail-paced slow. I hope you continue to share your knowledge.

Solid concept and camera shake on taking damage.Those blue dudes are hard to kill and always mess me up. Although there's no audio it was spot on the theme!

Nice work. First time through I made it to Wave 8. I'm hooked and hear there's a Boss I need to beat!

Thank you for your kind words. kalestri and The Flying Finn burned a lot of oil to make the game run while I did all the art from my work place.

I think I'm addicted to Chaotic Space Journey.

It has clean, crisp visuals and a unique approach to the genre.  I love the simplicity of the mechanics and Master Doot's beats. 

This game could  be the next big craze on mobile so please, pretty please, release it for Android!

We like your thirst for ET blood. We need some well deserved R&R and to replenish our supplies after a week long battle.
Hope to see you on Kepler, Private!

Thank you VladixArt We appreciate you taking the time to join the USF in the fight to colonize Kepler!

You must play this in your web browser and you won't regret it. The controls are smooth and the lighting really makes the simple designs POP. There is a good variety of enemies and the sound fx / music are a perfect fix.

Solid concept and awesome delivery!

Once you find the key to unlock a specific door, hold on your pants.

I really enjoyed the extra polish you put in to Too Many Bullets. It's definitely a game I'm going to put some time in to to be able to see all the other levels and enemies.
Top ratings from me and a follow.

Keep making games Rhysimus!

Visually, I wanted real life textures overlayed over the vector art with cyberpunk colors. If I had time to create the lighting for the game, I think the hues would have meshed well .

There was no code written as of Monday night so I stopped working on art to figure out how to code in order to get it to the current state. Hopefully I can find a proper coder as I would like to have more enemies, different weapons and the story

I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you for the honest feedback.

We intended to create a scifi shooter with Respawn points and a little more backstory that the composer wrote in the main Menu music. 

My lack of coding experience is to blame for not being able to implement those aspects. I was only supposed to do the art and animation.

Solid 4.5 / 5 game.
This is a great concept and probably one of the few games that hit the Theme dead on.
I wish there could have been some music to chill to but I understand the time constraints. 
Is it too early to congratulate you on a flawless victory? 

Stunning visuals.

The lighting / processing brought the environment to life!
I thought the controls were very smooth and I loved being able to throw the cube around to I could jump up ledges.

I would like to see you take this game further. 

Kills: 210 | Respawns: 47 | Deaths: 0

Controls were smooth and levels flowed. The respawn mechanic made blasting the onslaught of enemies to the music very entertaining.

Solid game play!

This submission better not stop here. The art and sound fx are legit funny. I love the take on cute but deadly Doom/Quake style game.

As mentioned by others, enemies don't do damage or move. I also had issues with the keybinds (Z to move forward and Q to move left). Once I figured out those, zooming around the map was fun. Some dead enemies blocked my path but the smooth jump mechanic helped me get unstuck.

Please keep working on Hell's Kitchen and bring it to Steam. +1 Wishlist & Follower.

A solid concept and an enjoyable intro. The sticky controls were the most challenging part of getting one player down to the water. Would love to see the controls smoothed out so I can make it past the first part.

A great start and hopefully not the end of this game.

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This asset package is beautiful.
What are you planning on adding next? ;)
Various statues? Wells/Pool for healing ect? Traps?

This is a really fun game. If you do ever decide to come back to it, it'd be nice to see character selection and decor in the dungeons. Music and SFX are perfect.

Thank you all for your opinons. I've read through blogs, watched Jim Sterling and BigFry videos, but was still unsure how "frowned" upon it was. The packages I plan on using all match each other as it's from the same artist but level design and game play mechanics will all be created. But alas, I don't feel as bad for dropping a bunch of money on really good assets.

I've been there too! Itch takes a while to get used to.

I, for one, would like this idea as another way of supporting the staff. I'm not sure how they are funded but some swag would be hot AF!
Running their own merch site store would create more work for them even with their merch provider doing all the real production.
But it'd be worth it in the long run

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I want to learn more about developing a game so I've been searching for opinons on asset flipping (not copying and pasting someone's prebuild demo game to call your own).

I'd really like to open a safe discussion (no trolling) and get other developers' and gamers'  opinions on this mostly negative subject as not every developer team  have the years to devote to building their own assets or funds to pay for an artist.

Brief Story
I'm currently the only artist on an indie game of a 3 man team and we're using Unity. I've spent the last 9 months modeling (Maya) and texturing (Substance Painter) every game asset (everything is unpaid), plus all marketing/promotional materials (Photoshop, Premier, After Effects) on top of working a regular job. I rarely go out anymore, I stopped streaming, and I rarely play games like I used to so I can complete my tasks.

I'd like to make a side game to learn more about developing a game (mechanics/level design) but don't have the necessary "years" to model / rig / animate characters or environment assets to build a full game. I have however found full environment packages and characters from the same artist that I'd like to purchase from their website and use but being fully transparent about using them.

Maybe once the team finishes our feature indie game, I could go back to this project and replace all the assets.

Please be respectful to each other and share your opinions.