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I'm very happy that you've continued to update Valheim. It's been fun playing so far and now with this new update, I'll be playing it even more! Keep up the great work!

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This asset package is beautiful.
What are you planning on adding next? ;)
Various statues? Wells/Pool for healing ect? Traps?

This is a really fun game. If you do ever decide to come back to it, it'd be nice to see character selection and decor in the dungeons. Music and SFX are perfect.

Thank you all for your opinons. I've read through blogs, watched Jim Sterling and BigFry videos, but was still unsure how "frowned" upon it was. The packages I plan on using all match each other as it's from the same artist but level design and game play mechanics will all be created. But alas, I don't feel as bad for dropping a bunch of money on really good assets.

I've been there too! Itch takes a while to get used to.

I, for one, would like this idea as another way of supporting the staff. I'm not sure how they are funded but some swag would be hot AF!
Running their own merch site store would create more work for them even with their merch provider doing all the real production.
But it'd be worth it in the long run

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I want to learn more about developing a game so I've been searching for opinons on asset flipping (not copying and pasting someone's prebuild demo game to call your own).

I'd really like to open a safe discussion (no trolling) and get other developers' and gamers'  opinions on this mostly negative subject as not every developer team  have the years to devote to building their own assets or funds to pay for an artist.

Brief Story
I'm currently the only artist on an indie game of a 3 man team and we're using Unity. I've spent the last 9 months modeling (Maya) and texturing (Substance Painter) every game asset (everything is unpaid), plus all marketing/promotional materials (Photoshop, Premier, After Effects) on top of working a regular job. I rarely go out anymore, I stopped streaming, and I rarely play games like I used to so I can complete my tasks.

I'd like to make a side game to learn more about developing a game (mechanics/level design) but don't have the necessary "years" to model / rig / animate characters or environment assets to build a full game. I have however found full environment packages and characters from the same artist that I'd like to purchase from their website and use but being fully transparent about using them.

Maybe once the team finishes our feature indie game, I could go back to this project and replace all the assets.

Please be respectful to each other and share your opinions.

I have to confess, I play this game a lot. It's relaxing, it's cute, and really fun to see how far my feline friend can make it before running out of oxygen.

I'd love for more content in any shape or form.
Keep up the amazing work!

It's good to see more games made in Taiwan coming out. Thanks for sharing it on the 台灣遊戲獨立(Indie)開發者Group!

10 out of 5 Stars!!!

4 minutes in to Crown Trick and I had to stop to Wishlist it on Steam and write my review. Just from the Tutorial this game has captivated my attention. The quality of art and sound design/music is breathtaking. The game's mechanics; movement, attack, interacting are seamless and easy for anyone to understand. Adding all of this together makes Crown Trick one of the freshest games I've played all year!

Can't wait for the full Steam release!

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I hope the SlackDragon team can make it back to developing this game. I've searched Twitter and Patreon but the two man team seem to have vanished despite putting so much in to making DCC. 

There's a lot content already and the younger gamers would eat this up on Nintendo Switch. Heck, with the art style and all its content, I'm sure a company like FIG would support this to get it completed.

Does pre-ordering mean I can play the game once I've purchased it or do I still need to wait for the release date?

I'm really fond of games of this genre and although this game is still being completed, it is worth adding to your Wishlist and sharing with your friends.

The artwork was the first thing to grab my attention. From backgrounds, to characters and effects, this game stands out as a love child in the making. Adding in the quality sound effects and vibing music, I keep coming back for more. 

A few things I noticed about gameplay was the pacing of movement and attacks. You can only shoot straight while the enemies can shoot 360 degrees. When you're surrounded by enemies it makes it more of a challenge to attack (no diagonal attacks) and the evade has a timer leaving you to rely on your stubby legs and wits. It'll take some time to get used to it but once you do, the experience is thrilling!

Can't wait to see more of Metaverse Keeper in the future.