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Thank you for pointing out this error!
A4 Black and White rules have been added to the downloads.

Spaceship Wrecked was an enjoyable experience. The art was minimalist and cute. Even the puzzles/mini games added a lot to the game. I hope you continue with this project and release it.

These assets are Royalty-Free. You may use them in any of your commercial and non-commercial project(s) or edit them. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

I enjoyed playing Sword Saint. Thanks for sharing and using my art. 

Thank Conrad for reaching out to me. I haven't revisited the asset pack for some time but I hope what I have provided helps you. Good luck!

Nicely done. I like how you still incorporated Krampus with Saving Christmas and Santa's Hat.

Thank you for the comment. I was extremely tired and  didn't realize I uploaded the wrong build before leaving. I uploaded the proper build that is actually playable.

Great concept and delivery. Took me a few tries to find the tree but now that I know where it is, I'm pushing to beat my record of 16 presents. Best part of this game, it works properly without any gameplay bugs! Strong 5 outta 5 across the board.

Very good start to something promising. I like the vibe I was getting and even though there were no battles, I still enjoyed exploring and seeing what you did your level design.

"Star Command, this is Space Shooter 1. We've spotted Santa's Hat." 

Fun arcade style space shooter. Loved these as a kid and still do. Thank you for the Christmas gift of nostalgia!

Thank you for the kind words. There's a few minor details missing (like looping music, win screen) because in the last wee hours I decided to animate clouds and the foreground trees. Next jam will have looping music, I promise.

Time Dungeon was fun. You chose some good and much needed pick ups to get through the dungeon as it took me a few playthroughs to get the hang of it. I'm also glad you reward the player with more time for killing enemies. Good use of 0x72 graphics as well (I like playing games with 0x72's art)!
Any chance you'll continue developing and polishing Time Dungeon?

Very elegant art style and straightforward mechanics. Reminds me of a children's book but interactive and engaging.

I know the object of the game is to collect clocks and keys but I think I hit every other object on the way down.  Gonna test my reflexes some more. Thanks of the time well spent!

Well done on implementing both features!
I like your minimalistic approach to your graphics and how it suits the overall aesthetics of the game.
Do you plan on adding more levels and content in the future?

This has party brawler potential all over it. I loved the SFX of punching my buddies over a tiny snowflake but what was even more satisfying (visually) was frying them. 

Overall, a great concept and delivery!

You had me at Dwarf!
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I loved the puzzle piece mechanic and the numerous ways I could paint myself into a corner. I strongly encourage you to continue pushing this game further.
5 stars across the board.

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WebGL has been reuploaded and is now playable in your browser.

Top notch!
From gravity mechanics to level design, Timeweaver has a lot of replayability not because I'm horrible at these type of games but because of the sheer enjoyment the challenge and the reward gave me.

A quaint little platformer that I enjoyed. I'm not sure how many levels you have as I'm stuck trying to pass level 4 but I will surely be challenging myself to beat the game, or clock!

A challenging game but none the less entertaining! This is definitely a gem in the making.

A challenging game but none the less entertaining! This is definitely a gem in the making.

Had a great time playing "Buying Time".
It is a fun game that implements both themes uniquely well. I enjoyed the animation and sfx as you interacted with critters that interrupt your search. 

Thank you for informing us that the WebGL version isn't working. You should be able to download and play the PC version while we figure out the problem and reupload the WebGL version.

As for the thumbnail art, that was made in May but all in-game art was drawn, code was written during the jam and GUI/music was credited with links. I used that art piece as inspiration for the art direction and then as the thumbnail.

Thank you for the feedback.  I added some card fx last month and will be adding more assets by the end of the month.
When you do find a project to use them in, leave the link and I'll share it on my sociables.

You sold me when I heard my last name in your trailer. Is it wrong to cheer on Major Strauss? 

I made good use of them so far and there should / will be more. I'll share the link when we're ready to announce the game with a trailer. Possibly in the next week 😃

Downloaded and already implemented into our game!

Awesome pixel art!

We appreciate that you spent the time to create a new account to post your comment on a game that was made in less than 72 hrs. 

Cheers to you mate!

These are great! I've purchased a huge icon asset pack from the Unity store but their art style isn't a clean and crisp as this.

I went through a week of overtime just so I could buy EVERYTHING  RPG Worlds (including the buildings).
It was well worth it! Stunning art with a lot of variety to get me started.
Looking forward to building my world and  future assets you release for RPG Worlds.

This was a fun little platformer with nice lighting. Who thought restarting hell would be rewarding?

I hope you continue to work on this game after the jam is finished. Graphics and audio were on point and you laid down a solid foundation in 72hrs. Has great potential to be expanded upon!

I like your art style, a lot!
Do you have any intentions of expanding your DnD tile set?
Also, don't be shy and share your social media links so we can support you further in your journey.

I've made an update. Card backs and these borders. ;)

Here's what I've been working on for borders...

Thank you for the comment. 

I do intend to make more card backs. There's only two backs at the moment (the brick textured cards) on the right of the sprite sheet.

I'm open to suggestions if you have any  for the card backs.

Thank you kindly!

There will be more card designs (colors, text holders, card borders), items, icons, ect coming in a few days. I will probably make a few prefabs as well.

If it wasn't for your tutorials, my game dev progress would have been snail-paced slow. I hope you continue to share your knowledge.