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Thanks, I've added the multiplayer tag now 👍

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What is Tallowmere 2?

What platforms does T2 support?

  • Windows, macOS, and Linux. Mobile versions for Android and iOS are also in the works. Console versions will come later.

What player modes does T2 support?

  • Single-player, local couch co-op (up to 4 players sharing the same screen), and online co-op (up to 4 players per dungeon).

Will T2 support cross-platform online play?

  • Yes. Online co-op between desktop and mobile works. I am confident console cross-platform play will work too.

What about online PvP?

  • Online PvP is planned but not yet implemented.

When can I play Tallowmere 2?

  • The "early access" version will become available once some final online bugs are resolved. Aiming for Q3 or Q4 2020.

What engine does T2 use?

Got any links?

  • Main pages:
  • Other channels:

Looks like that typo has been in the game since first launch in 2015. Nobody's pointed it out before now. Will aim to fix soon. Thanks ♥

Hi, do you know what the planned release date will be?

Will this be on Steam, or just itch to start with?

Any gameplay videos?

How does this compare to Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?

Okay, v350.4 is up on itch now. Done some proper testing and I think it's solid. Thanks for your feedback.

I'll give you a yell once I get Tallowmere 2 ready enough for some Linux testing. Cheers

Still working on this, sorry. Got the elevator issue fixed, but upon further testing, there are other things that this new Unity version has messed with with its Awake methods. And it's midnight and I'm tired, so will finish up tomorrow.

I've removed v350.3, and restored access to the old v334.7 now. Will hopefully get v350.4 up tomorrow. I've written up a draft post for a combined changelog covering the past 18 months to publish as a devlog here on itch (it's been a long time since I've updated the DRM-free version here), but will wait until I test things a bit more before posting.

With Unity 5.6.4p4 (that I've only just installed today), it seems Unity's modified how it handles object instantiation, which in turn has changed how some of my Awake methods record their initial position, which was causing the elevator to be out of place after pushing the button. I hadn't touched my elevator code in like 2 years, and upon this evening's testing, I didn't test using the elevator, I was using my dev console's "skip room" command to jump ahead, thus bypassing the elevator so I didn't even notice. Was testing almost everything else in the game as I could, but not the elevator >_< 

It also looks like the speech bubbles are out of position for a frame upon talking to an NPC with v350.3, something that wasn't an issue with v350.2 on Steam.

So, sorry about this, will put things right tomorrow.

Sorry about that. Fixing now.

Thanks for reporting this. Looks like a super rare bug I haven't seen before.

Looking at my code, when you receive a soul from killing an enemy, the game basically goes:

if (hero.souls == hero.maxSouls) { /*spawn soul group here*/ } 

This is a synchronous operation, so I'm not quite sure how this could have happened (since souls only ever give +1 at a time), but I believe if I change the code to use:

if (hero.souls >= hero.maxSouls)

it should fix the issue.
Let me work on getting an update out.