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Animation Request Sticky

A topic by ansimuz created 72 days ago Views: 209 Replies: 12
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Developer (1 edit)

Do you have ideas for animations, characters, or environments that you'd love to see in the collection? This is the place to share your requests and suggestions!

Feel free to post your thoughts on any assets you think are missing or would enhance your gaming experience. We value your input and look forward to hearing your creative ideas.

Let's work together to expand and improve our game assets library. Your feedback shapes the future of our collection!

A Steam Punk Wall Turret would be nice. 
You know a Gear and atop that gear a old school long cannon
some small smoke to assist the visual 
of course the Cannon Ball 
     This i feel could be fun 

Developer (1 edit)

thanks for the feedback. But that would be for the warped collection.

ok ill think of another thing then be back to you laters

Let me be clear, but once again I don't mean to be rude to you.

Your drawing is a super high quality drawing that is significantly higher than other 2D artists' asset in Itch.Io.

Because of that, it's hard to mix with other artists' asset, because it's too high quality.

So I'm an Asset Flipper, but in order to use your beautiful assets, my conclusion was to use your Asset as a boss monster that doesn't have to be around a lot in the game.

The quality of your painting gives you the pressure of the boss, and it's a very cool painting that improves the quality of the game just by its existence, I was trying to add BOSS Monster - Daemon, Dragon, and Wendigo bosses to my game. 

Even with just one attack motion, some boss patterns can be created through VFX, but I also think it's easier to use if there's a motion where boss monsters die. Of course, I can slowly disappear with the Dissovle VFX, but this is also because it feels awkward. I'm really sorry if it was rude, but I think there should be a death motion even if there was no hit motion of the boss monster. I'm a huge fan of your paintings, I'm worried if you've asked too much. Since the price of Esset is ridiculously low compared to the quality of your painting, I think my request might seem rude to be honest, but I'm telling you with all my heart nonetheless. Since I am a non-English speaker, I may seem rude because I am not good at English, but please know that my heart truly shows respect.


Thanks for the feedback. I will take in consideration your request.

Thank you so much for reviewing my request, have a nice day.


thank you

I have returned    and this animation is something i have legit had problems finding in 2d gothic media.  A  Gothic  Victorian  Stagecoach.
The closest you get to such a thing is from Rondo of Blood ( though Rondo is more a trade cart which we already got one ) and Darkest Dungeon ( closer to what i think of  for this)   I think unlike the cannon turret this could look very appropriate for the Gothicvania Collection.   

I just see it now in my minds eye  you could even do a seperate parts variant of the image as well so it could be used in say a forest  overturned  and one of the bosses im thinking the wendigo would roar and come at the player again just random thoughts here. 

Anycase that's my thought i think you could have allot of fun with this one. 

Hey, thanks a lot for all your work, I really like the content you make.I don't know if it's impudence on my part or if you do such things. But I would love to purchase a complete package that is similar to the hollow-knight and ori games, something like this (main character, many secondary characters, bosses, attacks, and most importantly, magical and dark quality backgrounds.Again, I don't know if that's what you're into (because you're more into the Pixel style, but if you happen to be, I'd really love to buy it from you)


Hi, At the moment I only offer 16-bit pixel art game assets. Thanks.


Hi, Is there any chance that you could add a wall slide animation to the heroine character of the bridge bundle? And also could you add some more animations for some of the characters because right now they dont have full animations like death or getting hit etc. Thank you so much!


Sure thing I will eventually add more animations to all the existing characters. Thanks for the feedback.