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I like the narration, lovely game but a bit challenging :D 

wanna team up?

Cool game

Hello, sorry for the late reply, don't get me wrong I mean unity is good I use it in my work because  most of the game studios or agencies that make simulations use unity. Thus for my personal project I use godot for a couple of reasons here's s why:

- Open source so you can fix bugs or add features

- No license so you don't own godot anything 

- you can add your own logo(in unity you need the plus or pro version to do remove the unity logo)

- Uses a node system which I think is more convenient than the component system in uunity

- fast to prototype, for example in unity to create a simple timer you neeed to create a coroutine with IEnumerator and call WaitForSecodns(), in godot you simply add a timer node and connect the signal (signals are just a callback function) 

- godot uses gdscript which is easier than C# 

yet for 3D I would still use unity because godot still lack a bit in performance for 3D games but with the release of godot 4 with vulkan this will change, it's still now in beta 

I hope that my explanation was clear and that I didn't type a lot of non sense :p 

Thank you for your reply, do you have something that works for top down similar to this assets because it really fits into my game theme.

thank you 

hello, the pack looks awesome, does it work in top down? because I only see a side view animation.

Thank you 

Hello, I have been making games in unity for about 5 years, recently I switched to Godot been almost 2 years now.

I have some free time on the weekend and I would like to collaborate on some game if anyone is interested.


what's your discord username?

hello would you like to form a team?

Hello I checked your website your voice acting is just perfect, did you find a team or can we team up?

Hello, did you find a team or can we team up?

I've been using Unity  for 4 years then moved to Godot, but now I am checking this engine and it's so so so user friendly and very beginner friendly and easy to use, kust wonderful 

Hey sorry for the late reply was busy with college, do you prefer joining a jam or working on some projects?

that's amazing would you like to work on some projects? or maybe join a jam?

Thank you very much 

wow amazing, but can you please include one with invisible background ?

yes sorry for that we didn't had time to finish all the idea we had in mind or even include a tutorial , thank you for your nice comment 

Yes sadly we dud not have time to finish  the main idea was that he savves heat and cold in thermometer to use it to melt ice and to transform vapor into clouds but due to time we were unable to finish , anyway thank you for your amazing  comment 

thank you so much for your nice comment :D

thank you for your nice comment , yeah forgot to try attacking while in air , so yeah you are totally right about this bug my bad 

thank you for your nice comment but sadly we had some nice sounds but did not had the time to actually apply them 

man it's amazing nice job

you use godot too?

i would like to work on some project with you when you are free if you like too, I also use godot.

seriously ktir helwe !!

sure thing man thank you 

hello, I checked your work and I would like to collaborate in our free time, are you up to it?