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Hi past me upon reading other comments this is used in other games so yeah your good also thanks again  CreativeKind

When you say Reselling does that include using it as a sprite in a comercial project or no?  

Im assuming reselling includes trying to take this and sell it as our own which is yeah bad form but im more thinking using this for a character in a 2d game and selling it and giving you credit in the future is that okay?

Um, i looked this up recently and it no longer is there .. other good ideas? Also loved your explosion and future city packs.

Can we use the Ambient Music tracks in a commercial project or no? Also if we can how do we credit it. 

So curiosity is there a win condition or is this like an old arcade game where there is no end. 

Rather good, I wish that there was a GMS2 version so I wouldn't have to go through the translation from GMS to GMS2  code nonsense every time I want to see walls explode with awesomeness( even though is total worth)  other than that small personal issue though this is a really REALLY fun engine.