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Game not appearing in search after publish

A topic by Dashing Strike created Jan 11, 2019 Views: 88 Replies: 4
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I published (set to "public") our game on a few hours ago, but it is still not showing up in search or "most recent", despite many more recent games popping up.

Game link is: - the link works publicly, there are files for purchase & download (uploaded via butler), but it's not showing up when browsing games.  Shortly after publishing, I received an email saying it was published and that everything looked good, but it's still not showing up.

What could be wrong?  I apologize if I missed something, this is my first release on

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You are charging for your game. It needs to be manually reviewed by an admin before it is added to the various game sections and shows up in searches.

If you look in this thread over here....

You will see a moderator commented "Your game has a price label attached, so it has to be seen by an admin before it appears in searches.

Great, thanks for the info! I'll wait and assume they'll get to it sometime. Glad to know nothing is going wrong, although the email saying it was published was a bit misleading :). 


How so? Your game is published. It shows up on your creator profile, and you can share the link anywhere. It just doesn't appear in searches. As of this writing, that should take another 12-24 hours.

(Thanks for the help, GarBenjamin.)

The email specifically says "Splody is now published" and then "every new project appears in recently added when first published", with a link to where it's not appearing right now, so that's pretty confusing.  Also, as someone who's coming from other stores, I'm getting on to get a little more exposure to a different audience, so I'd consider the hosting part that is currently live only a small part of "publishing," the other part, much more important to me, is actually being in the store.

Thanks for the detailed response!