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Very well done game. I enjoyed this a lot.

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You are charging for your game. It needs to be manually reviewed by an admin before it is added to the various game sections and shows up in searches.

If you look in this thread over here....

You will see a moderator commented "Your game has a price label attached, so it has to be seen by an admin before it appears in searches.

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Oh not only but it doesn't matter what I use. I have used numerous game engines and programming languages. I created the Christmas platform game in Construct 3 just to test out C3. That was the first time I had ever used it. I just like to try "new" game development environments from time to time.

I do like Construct 3. I found it to be highly logical and easy to work with and that is saying a lot coming from someone who typically doesn't like any visual programming environment. I generally like to just program it all myself in a code editor. My defense game I programmed in AppGameKit. I've developed with Monkey X, Unity (for 3 years but it isn't my favorite by any means), HaxeFlixel and just many many others.

I'd say what I will developing in will be a combination of Construct 3, AppGameKit and Godot at least for the near future. Godot is because I will do a 3D ultra low poly game occasionally as well. But that will be later on. And I am not 100% on Godot. I only know a friend who was checking into 3D alternatives to Unity recommended I do a 3D game in it to try it out because they liked it much better. So I will do that sooner or later.

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I've been a game developer as a hobbyist for a long time and I am now making games as an Indie (i.e. I am making games to sell).

Instead of me doing everything myself (design, development, audio, graphics, playtesting, marketing, etc) I have decided I need to find one or more people as passionate & skilled at art as I am at development & marketing.

I will be developing a series of games this year. Actually you can check out two of my recently completed games... one was just a very simple 4-day project to create a Christmas-themed platform game I made to test Construct 3.

This game uses what I call simplistic 2D HD Art. I would need for an artist to enjoy creating this so called simplistic 2D HD Art and to be able to create the art at least this good as easily & quickly as I did (I did the entire game from design to development to art, recording speech, sounds, etc over a 4-day weekend).

You can play in your browser here... that will be a better way to check it out.

My other game which was a much bigger project that I worked on for 4 months part-time was released here 4 days ago and is a paid game.

This game uses ultra lowrez pixel art. The entire screen is at 128x90 resolution.  Yes it isn't your eyes playing tricks on you this is from one of the later levels. Story is basically it all started with the fog. That's when the monsters came. The fog thickens every day.  Otherwise it is all crisp and clean. You can find many more screenshots as well as a video on the page which I have linked below.

Anyway, I would need for an artist to enjoy creating low rez art and to be able to create art at least as good and as easily & quickly as I can.  BUT keep in mind some games will be higher resolution. One game might be 160x120, another might be 256x180 (probably the highest I'd ever go ever for pixel art).

You can check out more about that game and see the graphics style here...

I am already starting on the concepts for my next 2 games so am looking for one or more people as soon as possible. I like to get things done!

Okay... what else... OH! I am also thinking about starting a second business for art assets. Basically I would pay an artist to create sets of art and then I would market it and sell it and I think I can set up a split here at itch to also give the artist an ongoing 10% share of all sales. Yes I am familiar with working with artists so I am trying to structure things in a way that will work best for you and me. I believe in being completing direct & honest so let me say right here I don't know exactly when this particular art asset venture would start but I will get to it sooner or later. Ideally I think I would structure the second to fit in with the needs of the first as much as possible.

Yes this is all completely legit. I have hired artists before and I pay only by Paypal. But I am also open to discussing the possibility of actually teaming up. Normally I don't do that but I have had some artists bring it up in the past. So I am open to discussing that too if that is something a person is interested in.

Basically I just need people who are going to be serious and stick with a project through to completion. Other than that we should keep it all fun and not turn it into a real beast of a job.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of my rambling. If you are interested please DM me on twitter.

- Gar

Hello! I am on my cell and took a quick look at the page. I recommend adding some screenshots / video so people have some idea of what to expect from the game. I know it is a text adventure but still I think most people will just click away thinking "there is nothing to hear or see here". I will try to remember to check it out to night when I can get on my home computer.

This is some great fun. My favorite games are the Bowling and the Duck Shoot! Looks superb and plays well.

Very nice idea of bringing Joust into 3D. Implemented very well. I like the unique graphics as well.

Very interesting game with an awesome look to it. I am not a big player of mobile games so am not used to using an Accelerometer for control but I still enjoyed it!

This is an interesting game. Kind of reminded  me of PAC-MAN at first glance but only the map. lol It's a solid game worth a play to kill a few minutes for sure!

Ah nevermind. If you look in this thread over here....

A moderator commented "Your game has a price label attached, so it has to be seen by an admin before it appears in searches. It should take another half a day to a day. Feel free to contact support if the problem persists much longer than that."

I kind of figured it might need to be manually checked but just had no idea if that was the case or not. 

Anyway good luck! =)

You seem to be in a slightly worse position than I am. Because not only can I NOT find your game but I cannot even find YOU on the site when I search for StarvingIndieDeveloper. Normally you can search for a user / creator and find them. For you I get No results found.

Maybe it has something to do with the big winter sale going on and the system / admins are much busier than normal. That could very well be part of it.

I even made a dev log which I read was supposed to help to get your game showing up faster. But even my dev log itself doesn't show up in search. LOL

All I can think is maybe if we comment on each others games that might help us both out? Might trigger the system to wake up "oh hey there is some activity on these games"

Mine is here... worked my butt off on it be nice if it actually showed up. lol  Anyway our games do not compete at all with each other so maybe a comment will be good all around.

Here is my game...

And I just commented on yours and I didn't think of it until just now but I will also follow you to see if that helps to get you existing in the search.

Looks very interesting! Paranormal investigator sounds like a very cool experience for a 3D game.

I seem to have the same problem with a game I published a little over 1 hour ago. I don't know if games for sale just take longer to show up on the site than free HTML5 games (I made a simple html5 Christmas platformer last week and it appeared in just a few minutes) or if someone actually does need to buy it first?

It seems kind of strange if someone would need to buy it before it actually shows up. Kind of backwards. LOL

Excellent ultra low rez (I like it!) Christmas-themed Defender game.  Good control, nice bits of polish here and there. You  did a great job on this.

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This is an extremely cool idea and implemented very well. And the music is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard in a game. Normally I like rock style but this just sounds really quite awesome. You've done a superb job!

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Excellent game.  Very cool setting that fits the theme well. Basically a platformer with no direct control over the character walking and jumping and instead using the magnet. LOL!

This is extremely polished considering the dev managed to design 3 full (and very well done) levels and all within the short amount of time of the game jam window. This developer seems to have a lot of creativity and puts a ton of personality in his games.

Awesome job Tim. I've played some of your other games and every game seems better than the last and this one is no exception. I guess next year we will be seeing your first (?) Steam release. :)