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Dashing Strike

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Thanks for playing, glad you liked it, and understood it =)!

Thanks for playing, and glad you liked it!  I could also play this for hours... in fact, development often stalled for an hour as soon as I added a goal condition to aim for - spent more time playing my own game during this jam than just about any other jam =).

Thanks for playing, and glad you liked it!  Definitely didn't have much time for audio (we were just doing a 2-day jam on this ^_^), but glad you liked it =).

Pretty neat!  I liked the style and the game loop =).  Does matching 4 or more in a row give any bonus?  I didn't notice any, it would have been good to feel rewarded for setting up a nice combo =).  Pacing seemed a little slow, I played quite a while and only made it as far as unlocking 2-2.  I seem to lose pretty often on 2-1, and that's the level I need to play to get stone, so get stuck in a bit of a loop.

Like the aesthetics and audio and super quick load times =).  Nice job!

Hmm, maybe I'm misremembering, but I thought it said it healed in the pop-up when I turned in the reagent and acquired the companion.  I might have just misread though, as I was immediately distracted by the cute cat.

The other times I died from an orc, I at least saw the orc, and my health had been reduced to zero, this time I was sitting at the "you survived for 4 days, 0 hours" screen and could see I still had health.

That's amazing, excellent job!

I really liked the extra power I felt when I bought the first upgrade to the mining laser.  The plasma gun upgrade almost felt too strong, as by the second level I was always killing things before they could get close enough to get a shot in... except when I ran out of power, and then the tension was fantastic, always seemed to take just a hair longer than I was comfortable with to come back =).

Art is just gorgeous, I love the final stage and thank you screen especially.

Aww, I was enjoying the game, then clicked Bonuses to see what was in there, and it reset my progress -_-.  Game got easier once I figured out approximately how long the sound loop was and started using that for counting =).

Graphics were surprisingly good for how raw they were =).

Oh, hah, I thought "Story" was a button to view a wall of text, not a different game mode ^_^.  Yup, that button worked fine =).

That was fun!  The AI really often failed to hit the ball, or hit the ball back towards their own goal... which made it exactly as effective as I was, which was fun to play against =).  Controls were very simple, but easy to figure out, and challenging to master.  I did win 4-0, so maybe a slightly more effective opponent would have been good, but every goal I got was pretty hard-earned, so it did feel pretty good.

That's a really solid game!  Played quite a few times, managed to get 4600 points.  And... then I saw someone's comment about beating the game, so I had to go play again until I did =).  I really like the ASCII graphics - though definitely not feeling like a terminal emulator, they still do really set the mood.  Audio's good too!

Congrats on finishing!  Though it's rather short, it's nicely put together and feels solid =).  I died once, but was successfully able to prepare some baked chicken in the end.

Great entry!  I would have liked a couple more levels to play =). 

Interesting game! I seemed to have a lot of graphical issues - when I fired, my flux was always on the far left side of the screen, and the enemies bullets always seemed offset quite a bit from them or where they maybe actually were so it was very hard to avoid getting hit by them.  I killed quite a few robots though anyway, before running out of luck =).

Really liked the music!

That was pretty fun!  On my last attempt, I survived 3 days, and on the morning of the 4th day it said game over, but I still had some health and my alchemist friend was pretty happy, not sure what happened there.

I quite liked the animal companion!  It said it healed, but I didn't notice any healing, though I did appreciate the company.

Sometimes the goblins came out of nowhere, seemingly right on top of me, and insta-killed me, I would have liked a little more warning, or if they'd only spawn off-screen.

I really liked the gamepad controls, they worked well, and the graphics were nice!

Hmm, tried, playing but got a full screen error about failing to connect.  Hitting Back brought me to a "AccessDeniedAccess denied.Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object." message.

Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it!  Luckily whether you move or delete you get the resources back, so you probably didn't waste too much other than a few clicks ^_^.

Paths are procedurally generated, though everyone gets the same seed on their first game to make the high score list a bit fair, and so that it was a seed that we know is actually beatable =).

I love trying (and failing) to do two things at once.  Love the visual style.  Worked quite well with a game controller!

Managed to get all the way through, though almost got lost in the tunnels.  Really impressive size of a level to explore for a 2 day jam =).   I think a little direction for where the next unlock is might help provide an immediate goal, though I did manage to find everything without it. Quite liked the zoom out at the end to see the beautiful picture I helped paint.  I realized at the end that I think I never attacked anything, despite having a button for it... were there things I was supposed to attack (that maybe I jumped over)?

Love the emotional response of serving up some of those animals...

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Cool game!  I managed to get both endings, after a lot of work =).  I don't think I ever would have got the second ending if I didn't notice the map was showing secret passage ways, that was very helpful.  I would have _really_ liked it if the energy number in the lower right would turn orange when down to 1-2, I died quite a few times, sometimes repeatedly on the exact same tile, just because I wasn't watching the number ^_^.

- Jimbly

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Neat game!  Visuals were great, and puzzles were interesting.  It took me longer than I'd care to admit to figure out how to light the last torch ^_^.

- Jimbly

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Great entry!  I managed to get all the way through and defeat the queen, in around 2 hours, that's an amazing amount of content!

A couple issues I ran into: a confirmation on Load would have been nice, I accidentally fumbled and clicked the wrong button instead of saving -_-.  Almost put it down for good, but was only about 20 minutes of progress lost, so kept on playing, and glad I did!  I could buy a spell before I had a spell book, which led to some confusion, and some extra saving and loading as I came to the conclusion that it was bugged and that I'd tried to buy a spell and failed but it took my money anyway -_-.  Later found a spell book and all  was well though.

Loved it when I first encountered fire ants and they were a scary threat, and later I was one-shotting them, that felt great!

  - Jimbly

Thanks, glad you liked it, tag added!

It's completely cross-platform, you can play the version with players on Steam, Discord, and PlayStation 4.  Only caveat is that to play on the official public servers you must be signed in to Steam or Discord for authentication (doesn't matter where you bought it from though).  Dedicated servers (if you or a friend runs one) can be configured as to whether they accept any connection or only authenticated (Steam/Discord/PSN) users.

Played this at a party with 6 people (2 non-gamers), was amazingly great, fun was had by all.  Successfully got a date on our second attempt.  Having to crouch to weld/unweld wheels was a brilliant way to stop people from accidentally destroying everything =).

Thanks for the details over on Discord!  This issue has now been resolved, you should now be able to simply double-click on the SplodyDarwin64 executable to run it.

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Hi Silverhawk! There should be an executable named SplodyDarwin64 that you can run. I don't actually have access to a Mac to test on, so not sure on exact steps. It's possible it lost the "executable" bit when getting packed for, so you might need to use the terminal and run:

 chmod +x SplodyDarwin64 

And then run ./SplodyDarwin64. If that works, let me know, I'll try to fix the build process and update the instructions.

We're happy to announce that Splody, previously just available on Steam and PlayStation 4, is now available on!

Splody takes the classic couch competitive gameplay of Bomberman and adapts it for a smooth multiplayer experience.  Have a party, 10-20 controllers, and a projector?  Plug them all in and just pick up a controller and start playing, no configuration required, but plenty of customization allowed!  Want to play online?  Developed by MMO-industry veteran, Jimb Esser, Splody's online multiplayer feels lag-free even when playing against opponents on the other side of the world.

Have a favorite old version of Bomberman?  Splody has plenty of rules customization options that will let you play the way you want to play.

Note: Though all PC versions of Splody are DRM-free and will always work offline or for LAN games, in order to authenticate with official/public online servers you must be signed in to Steam or Discord.

Though Splody is "complete", it does keep getting regular updates with fixes and some new features, so if you have a suggestion or favorite rule or powerup from an old game you think would help improve Splody, then leave a comment and if I like it (or even if I don't, but more than a couple people ask for it ;), I'll add it in the next update!

The email specifically says "Splody is now published" and then "every new project appears in recently added when first published", with a link to where it's not appearing right now, so that's pretty confusing.  Also, as someone who's coming from other stores, I'm getting on to get a little more exposure to a different audience, so I'd consider the hosting part that is currently live only a small part of "publishing," the other part, much more important to me, is actually being in the store.

Thanks for the detailed response!

Great, thanks for the info! I'll wait and assume they'll get to it sometime. Glad to know nothing is going wrong, although the email saying it was published was a bit misleading :). 

I published (set to "public") our game on a few hours ago, but it is still not showing up in search or "most recent", despite many more recent games popping up.

Game link is: - the link works publicly, there are files for purchase & download (uploaded via butler), but it's not showing up when browsing games.  Shortly after publishing, I received an email saying it was published and that everything looked good, but it's still not showing up.

What could be wrong?  I apologize if I missed something, this is my first release on