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Dashing Strike

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Sounds great, and just in time for Ludum Dare!

Cool, thanks for your support!

It seems the app allows you a "download" version, and I've worked around the issues getting it to run there now, so you can install it that way ^_^.

Fun data time from looking at the high score list for _Uncharted Wanders_, as of the end of the jam rating period!

94 people played long enough to get any money at all.

• Of the people who only managed to sell their keepsake (21), the quickest was 21 seconds, the slowest was 4 minutes, clearly there was some discoverability issue with the bootstrapping process and selling items in the shop =).  Also note the high score only gets submitted when the net worth or victory progress goes up, so these people may very well have managed to buy goods, make it out of town, and then die in The Divide, not actually just gave up immediately.  However, another 16 people managed to do the one super trivial quest in the starting town (and nothing else), so those 21 didn't even do that.

32 people rated the game on Itch, a lot of the other plays probably came from other communities I shared it in

• Median playtime of submitted scores was 400 seconds (~7 minutes, though they may have played longer but just not made any progress)

• Median playtime of those who beat the game (21 people) was 100 minutes.  Quickest victory was by possessedcow  in just under an hour.  Slowest victories (excluding an outlier likely from being AFK...) were around 3 hours!  I hope they were having fun.

• Highest net worth currently goes to Maddie , who accumulated approximately 6 times as much as the most frugal player (Yurga) to win.  Hoarding money is fun, I understand.

• All but the one most efficient player who won had more than double the amount of money actually needed to win, a good sign people were getting engaged (or lost!).

Special thanks to everyone who played, and added your name to your score, it's nice to know who the weirdos are ;).

You're not the only one getting confused =).  I've (I think?) greatly improved the initial hints/tips/etc to help with people getting stuck, you can check out the latest version here, (I'll put it live on Itch as soon as the rating period is over ^_^), I'd be curious to hear if you're able to figure it out in that case =).  Maybe the only (seemingly obvious to me ^_^) thing not explained is that you'll want to buy a bunch of trade goods in one town and sell them in another to make some money if you want to progress =).

Ah interesting.  I remember someone else in the Discord noting that doing some easing on the movement caused some motion sickness for some people.

As a secret hack... if you press F12 to open the debugger, click the console tab, change the scope from the default "top" down to "index.html", and then run cmd('pixely 1') it'll effectively disable the CRT filter (or cmd('pixely 0') if you're a madman and want weird pixel textures in a high-res viewport...).  I'd be curious to know if that helps =).

Okay, that was probably a good idea =).  After I unlocked enough to get to the exit, I started exploring the remaining rooms (one was behind a locked door, which seemed suspicious), wondering if there was a secret, but when I finally made a mistake that blocked off a section, I hoped that's all they were for and I made a run for the exit ;).

What a wonderful puzzle game masquerading as a dungeon crawler!  I was happy to make it through to the end, however, in the final level there seemed like there were more blocks than I actually needed, was that to make up for mistakes, or was there some secret I could have found? =)

Ah, The Path Forward, the nemesis of every completionist adventurer!  I also was particularly amused by Angelic Foreman and Aggressive Rubble!

Really fun entry, kept me pretty engaged all the way through, except some prison guards that seemed near impossible to hit.  The progression felt pretty good, each floor started as a challenge, and ended as a cakewalk, couldn't ask for anything more =).  Also, thanks for adding controller support, it really made it a joy to play!

My only complaint is the lack of sound, and general feedback during combat, it usually took me quite a while to figure out which enemy was hitting me for how much damage, to learn who to focus on.

Pretty cool!  It took me about an hour to get through to the end and win, however, some of that time was fighting with bugs and misunderstandings - I ended up getting a pressure plate (in maybe the 3rdish area) stuck down, but the pillar not firing projectiles, and even after reloading it wouldn't fire.  Eventually I completely exited to desktop and came back in, and it finally worked as I expected (but I spent quite a while wondering if my expectations were wrong ^_^).  I also spent quite a while mapping out the first area with only the rune of Harmony - I would go in the dark area, step in the darkness until I respawn, then enter the light area, and made it quite far, and enjoyed the mapping, before I finally realized I must be missing something =).

I like the (mostly) non-violent puzzle solving, was pretty cool.  And, for when there was fighting, thank you very much for keeping them dead/damaged/whatever across respawns, I don't think I could have done that in one life (I couldn't quite figure out if there was a trick to killing them, or if it was just "hit it until it dies").

No current plans, though I might try to combine some of the mechanics that worked into a commercial product in the future.  I'll definitely let people know if that ever happens ;).

Neat game!  I enjoyed the look of the place.  It took me quite a long time to realize that combat was pseudo-realtime and I could actually kill things before they had a chance to kill me.  Unfortunately, my party was already down a member or two at that point, so I didn't make it off the planet alive :(.  Nice use of verticality, and nice minimap!

Really nice!  Took me a little over a half hour to get through to the end.  All of the graphics and visuals come together very nicely, and there's a surprising amount of variety in environments, especially at the end!  My only complaints is that I wish it paused while I was in the menu, the first time I got into a fight I was trying to save before the fight and almost died while re-reading the intro text after re-loading =).

Wow, that was a lot of fun!  I love the combat mechanics, they're challenging, interesting, and feel pretty fresh.  Also turn-based and seemingly balanced, both great =).  The auto-resolve is also a real nice feature!  I managed to get to the end, although your prediction of "15 minutes" was grossly underestimated (it took me about 45 minutes, with a few deaths, a bit of redundant exploration, and a couple fights that I probably didn't need to do, but felt I could do better, since it was tracking the auto-resolve HP loss, I had to try ^_^).

Only thing that I felt was missing was some way to view the enemy's potential attacks mid-battle, as it showed them before the battle, but I often forgot the details.  Not sure if that would have made it too easy or not though...

I did play with that option, although I could have sworn something more was going on =).  I thought at least with the monsters as they were waving around I was seeing some red/blue bleeding going on, although maybe that was part of your underwater filter and not the CRT filter ^_^.

Sadly I was unable to beat it, but I enjoyed playing what I did!  I really like the look and feel of this, the sounds are great, the monsters really cool, and the CRT filter is quite nice!  I would have liked a couple more choices, whether it was in direction of exploring (felt pretty linear), or upgrading options, or pretty much anything =).

Thanks for the kind words, and glad you enjoyed it!  It's great to hear finding secret passages was intuitive, I tried to place them (at least, the ones that were for bypassing encounters) in places where they'd not be too hard to find, but it's impossible to playtest when I already knew where they were ^_^.

Looks really nice!

That was fantastic!  I took 1 hour to beat the game, after a couple false starts (started twice in tiny rooms with only the stairs down, which I thought was intentional, then got one-hit killed on the second level), and I didn't even drink the cocaine I found!

Progression felt pretty good, and the theme played out fantastically with the way I built my party (one defender and one attacker ^_^).

Mechanics were full of impressive depth, although at some point it seemed skills/magic became useless - I intentionally boosted my paladin's magic and mp so he could heal, but by the end a single heal would consume 100% of my mp (maybe it was proportional to the magic stat?), which made it kinda worthless.

Graphics were nice, although the darker levels were a little hard on the eyes, I did like the variety.

Neat prototype!  I think the autobattling worked pretty okay, especially with potentially so many crew members.  Impressive amount of items and kinds of crew and enemies and equipment!  I had difficultly getting myself healed (could afford medkits, didn't seem to be any other option?) after a bit of combat, so got caught in a death spiral.  Would have been nice if there was a cheap heal at your ship or something like that.

From it seems `Shift+F12` does the trick!

Thanks, and congrats for beating it!  I wasn't quite sure about the ending, it seemed cool in my head, but thought it might just be weird in-game, so I'm glad to hear you liked it!  Also glad to hear it was a "good amount" of illusionary walls instead of "way too many" ^_^.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!  I tried a bunch of things to mitigate the possibility of losing all of your money, but there's a couple edge cases (like buying a new covenant and then not affording goods) still, though hopefully people just reload from their last save or autosave if they realize it and don't lose too much time ^_^.  Since you can get between any towns without fighting, it's usually possible to recover as long as you've got a few coins left, but would still be pretty frustrating.

I was have a bunch of fun with this, and then walked backwards out a window or something and ended up in a 2x1 area with absolutely no where to go it seemed :(.  It was right across from where, I think, I was about to get a penguin-like guardian.  Not sure if I missed something (in hindsight, perhaps something I needed to click on?  I was using the controller up until then...).  The guardian hex grid was really cool, I enjoyed playing with different options, and really nice that I got immediate feedback on what kind of attacks everyone had (as I was unclear if "X damage" meant base damage or no damage ^_^).

Really neat, and a lot of content!  I love the visual style of the enemies.  I was unable to defeat the Necromancer though, despite trying many times.  The oracle kept mentioning the 8-legged, which I had killed both versions of, but they kept coming back whenever I reloaded the game, so I'm not sure if that was a bug or something I was missing...  I also never found any armor, which seems like it might be related to me being unable to beat the presumed big bad ^_^.

Thanks, I love bananas!  To be fair, a lot of the sprites were from one asset pack, although the animated spirit town environment was all original - that was made when the artists abandoned the team, and I was left sitting here thinking "trading between the spiritual and physical worlds sounds great on paper, but how the heck do you draw that?"  =).  Kind of ended up feeling like a disco parlor, but I guess that's close enough, glad you liked it =).

Fun fact with the line of sight on the minimap, that's just a biproduct of the rendering algorithm showing which tiles are drawn on the given frame ;).

Cool that this is multiplayer =).  I played a few matches with a friend, however he never managed to survive the first room he started in, so the matches never got particularly far.  Just to ease the already difficult situation of arranging multiplayer, it'd be great if he could re-join a match in progress instead of having to wait for a new one, though that'd take some other changes to the gameplay, I guess ^_^.

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I played this with a friend, and this is the best multiplayer dungeon crawler I've ever played (of, well, maybe 2 total...).  We had a lot of fun with this, and I really like how the duality is integrated into the gameplay, there was some real developing of skill managing our dual players as we played a few rounds.  Only thing I would have wished for was slightly more feedback on having the ball or not, occasionally I'd run past him, think that I grabbed the ball, and make it a few steps before realizing I didn't have it.  Maybe just a solid sound effect whenever the ball exchanged hands would be good, although maybe it's hard for that to work when both teams are hearing the same sounds ^_^.

As for whether or not it matches the rules, maybe it all comes down to the question: Is soccer inherently combat to resolve an enemy encounter? =)

Also of note, both of our hands got quite sore after only a few rounds, this needs controller input ;).

Pretty cool, I managed to defeat the director, and the secret enemy.  A few spots movement/collision felt weird - when I first teleported and saw the director I immediately took one step backwards, and, unfortunately, found myself way back in a previous area.  Not sure if that was intentional, but it was a bit annoying ^_^.

I love the overall vibe and music.  Combat took me a rather long time to really figure out, the first times it all flowed way too fast for me to figure out what was going on.  I did not realize until much later, even after reading and rereading the description, that my attack, then move, then switch all happened before the enemy's attack (I originally thought I'd attack, they'd attack, then I'd move,  then we'd switch, so I was quite confused occasionally when things didn't go as I'd expected).  By the end though, I had it down, and managed to defeat the director without taking a single point of damage, which felt really satisfying =).

That was fun, I enjoyed it to the end!  Thanks for having controller support, it worked really well.

I liked the style - environments and characters and various effects all looked pretty good!  I would have liked more interesting combat, I mostly did the Bart strategy of "Good ol' block, nothin' beats that", and came out fine.  Maybe if each kind of enemy was more likely to use particular attacks (or, maybe, stuck to just two), so I learned some patterns, it would have felt a bit rewarding.

Nice writing too, I laughed a couple times =).  I love dog-sized ventilation shafts as the perfect dungeon crawler excuse!

Hmm, what do you mean by "Windows download"?  There is no Windows download, only a web-based version...

Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it though!

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+1 for dying when my henchman lost the fight to a chest, lol!

Oh no!  The "chests" were just a super quick hack to have an enemy with 1 hp, 0 def, 0 atk and dropped loot, without having to actually add chests/containers/looting ^_^.  I actually at the last minute put in something so that if you had no mercs you'd auto-win against a chest, but I guess there's a bug that if you have all dead mercs, that doesn't get triggered, LOL!  Oh, or possibly there's the rather unlikely chance that the enemy attacks first, can could kill a 1-hp merc as well, maybe you got really unlucky...

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it!  Yeah, the beginning difficulty is a bit rough, I added some hints to the Itch project page that might help get started, and will push a version with slightly decreased initial difficulty post-jam =).

I killed a dragon!  I like the atmosphere, some nice lighting on simple tiles looks good.  My first run I ascended after 2 turns... on my second run, I managed to kill everything in the level, but nothing dropped any dice, and I couldn't find stairs down, just the ascension portal, so I'm not sure if there was a bug, or that's all that was in it.  Having more dice would have been interesting.  I would really have liked the turn to auto-end if I was out of SP and there was nothing to fight next to me, that would have made exploring a bit more fun.

Really nice!  Those graphics look familiar ^_^.  I had my warrior die against the midboss and, despite talking to him with my druid, and him kindly requesting heals, I could never figure out how to heal him.  Unfortunately, the lone druid was not enough to defeat the final boss.  It also took me a very long time to figure out how to switch characters, since the on-screen help said /, however the key was actually \ =).

Nice musical variety too!

(1 edit)

LOL, I love that the first quest I ran into was to deal with a "rat", how traditional.  Oh, slightly disappointed that it's an actual rat -_-.

Things were going pretty well until I got into Underhold, looted a barrel, drank the potion out of it, and then close the inventory window, which resulted in this crash showing up in my console (Web build):

Uncaught RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds
    at __dynamic_cast (0bb02a0a:0x6309f)
    at Node* Object::cast_to<Node>(Object*) (0bb02a0a:0xc0624)
    at void call_with_variant_args_helper<__UnexistingClass, Node*, bool, Node::InternalMode, 0ul, 1ul, 2ul>(__UnexistingClass*, void (__UnexistingClass::*)(Node*, bool, Node::InternalMode), Variant const**, Callable::CallError&, IndexSequence<0ul, 1ul, 2ul>) (0bb02a0a:0x94ef97)
    at void call_with_variant_args_dv<__UnexistingClass, Node*, bool, Node::InternalMode>(__UnexistingClass*, void (__UnexistingClass::*)(Node*, bool, Node::InternalMode), Variant const**, int, Callable::CallError&, Vector<Variant> const&) (0bb02a0a:0x94eebf)
    at MethodBindT<Node*, bool, Node::InternalMode>::call(Object*, Variant const**, int, Callable::CallError&) const (0bb02a0a:0x94ed79)
    at Object::callp(StringName const&, Variant const**, int, Callable::CallError&) (0bb02a0a:0x20d731)
    at Variant::callp(StringName const&, Variant const**, int, Variant&, Callable::CallError&) (0bb02a0a:0x20ae62)
    at GDScriptFunction::call(GDScriptInstance*, Variant const**, int, Callable::CallError&, GDScriptFunction::CallState*) (0bb02a0a:0x19ce2d)
    at GDScriptInstance::callp(StringName const&, Variant const**, int, Callable::CallError&) (0bb02a0a:0x210406)
    at Object::callp(StringName const&, Variant const**, int, Callable::CallError&) (0bb02a0a:0x20d6a2)

I tried the download version instead, and made it back to where I was, but then had a crash when looting a rat's corpse :(.

(Note: I was doing all control with keyboard only (leaving the mouse on the middle of the screen), not sure if it had something to do with using space/esc/i/etc as opposed to clicking...)

What I was able to play was really cool though!  I like how fleshed out the village felt (at least, at the surface, don't look inside their homes too closely!).  Dungeon was nice and moody, and the inventory system seemed full-featured =).  I wish it was a bit more stable so I could play more...

Despite the varying text on the links, most of your links actually all go to the same psx-style-hedges page =).

I had a lot of trouble with the UI - when I open the inventory, I was unable to close it easily, it seems I need to find the location hiding behind the inventory where the inventory icon was now covered up.  This might be an aspect ratio issue.  If you're only going to support exactly 1 resolution or aspect ratio, it would be best if it started in windowed mode to avoid these issues =).

I really liked seeing the woodcutter's place looming over the dungeon in the distance when I got closer, gave me a nice sense of progress and destination.  It seems I stayed alive after "dying", however clearly a bug (unless it was some weird duality theme I missed...), it did make it easier to preview the content you've got in there =).  I really like the character art!

Thanks for playing, and thanks again for streaming!  And, no, it's probably not just you who got confused by that =).  What I thought was a fun bootstrapping/introduction to commerce, as well as fitting into a vague theme of being in the afterlife or something along those lines, turned out to be just another bit of information overload.