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max game size

A topic by THNX_FOR_PLAYING created Dec 24, 2018 Views: 289 Replies: 3
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Hey guys, im contacted the and ask them if they can give me 1,7 gb of memory for the project.
Do u think its possible, someOne already succeed in that?


Please contact support if you need a file size limit increase. We host many projects that are much larger than 1.7 GB. For people that need a lot of space we want people with serious projects that have taken the effort to optimize them. We'll ask you to show information about your game before increasing the limit. Thanks

1,7 GB is pretty huge... you might wanna be aware that on 32-bit systems, you physically can't use more than 2GB of memory at once, including what the OS is using. I hope you're dynamically loading and unloading resources during the game rather than loading all 1,7 gig at once at startup, otherwise chances are your game will have lots of random crashes on players with low-end hardware.

(For instance, GameMaker:Studio does this by default, and the GMS1 runner is 32-bit, so it will have this issue for big games even on a 64-bit system)

It depends on what you're doing with the 1.7GB - the amount's big, sure, but it's lower than many of the 'professional' games out there, and if you have a lot of scenes/levels in your project it could be understandable. I know my project 'Miniature Multiverse' is likely to approach that sort of filesize range, and I've got a giant batch of stock media [textures, video files, etc] already posted, that is 1GB in size, just barely fitting within the normal limit.  Basically, if your project's ambitious in scope with a ton of content in it, and you really need the filesize, then by all means use it. See if you can get the Itch.IO staff to approve it.