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Space Game Like Freelancer

A topic by DaedalusMachina created Dec 20, 2018 Views: 546 Replies: 3
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For those that don't know, Freelancer was a game released in 2003 and created by Digital Anvil while being published by Microsoft Game Studios.

So in over a decade why have there been so few to little space games similar to that game?

Basically, like Elite: Dangerous but with full 3rd-person views and mouse-based primary control with optional keyboard shortcuts.  Would also be nice if there was full controller support as well.

Every time I get excited for a space game it is YET ANOTHER damn game with a forced-first-person cockpit-only view and the complexity of the old Jane F15 flight sim games.  What happened to something simple and fun for the rest of us?  >_>


Somewhere on my long to-do list is a game that's Freelancer in an off-brand Star Fox setting.

I literally just want to remake a Freelancer-style game (focused on PvP arena-style combat) with the mouse-based movement controls that I remember and enjoy.  After that, expanding and fleshing out a single player storyline with fully-scripted truly 'massive universe' with scripted NPCs that travel along their routes even while you're docked in a station as well as integrating the 'destructible universe' and territory conquest ideas I've had in my game design document for over a decade.

Right now I lack the talent and skill to do this all on my own so it'll just keep getting pushed back until things align to make it worthwhile for me to make it.  I was hoping any indie devs who work on space games might point me in the right direction.  Yes I've looked online and there are some similarish games like DarkStar One and all that but I wanted a more sandbox-y style game.

Eve Online universe + Freelancer Style PvP combat and movement + Elite: Dangerous style integrated UI and universe-wide NPC events.

There was one game dev that remade part of Freelancer as a tech demo inside Unity.  It CAN be done but it will take much more work to make things including original art assets and such.

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