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Stranded Girls

One island, two survivors, a single goal : Survive! · By LeCaptainNeMo

Feedback and questions

A topic by Crowthorne created Dec 17, 2018 Views: 73 Replies: 2
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I'm finally trying out some of the games from this year's yuri jam (yes, I know, 2 months late, but better late than never?).

I'll preface this by saying that wilderness survival isn't actually a genre of game I'd normally play, but the concept caught my interest anyway. Never seen someone try this sort of thing with RPG Maker before. I could theoretically see myself playing this game for the story, if it were longer and more developed, with the gameplay being personally viewed as a sort of bonus, and a vehicle for delivering the story. There wasn't really enough to do in the current build for me to get that into it, unless I was missing some events that only showed up on later days, or something similarly obscure.

Now, to feedback...

  • Binding Z to Status is... OK in theory, but Z is also bound to accept/interact, like Enter (not just by default, it does that here too), so it causes some problems in practice. I'd personally prefer if it was on S or C or something.
  • Would be nice to have a visual display of the current time, if only so we can see what advances it and by roughly how much. Seems like it's walking around?
  • Would also be nice if the status showed hunger/thirst but I guess that is on the main screen anyway.
  • Is the Mute/Poison status, which causes your health to constantly tick down until you die, caused by dehydration (low but not 0 thirst)? If so, why doesn't it go away when you use coconuts and your thirst goes up? For that matter, coconuts say they restore health, but your health doesn't actually go up, your thirst does. (Sardines do restore health, though, even though they don't mention that at all.)
  • Talking to Yuna repeatedly until she gives you a gift is kind of weird, narratively. Why would she give you it the third time and not the first two times?
  • Gathering flint stones early on is a little frustratingly random; you get a lot of normal rocks, and there aren't many gathering points. A one-time guaranteed spawn of 1-2 flint stones inside the cave would help. Though I guess that's what Yuna's gift already is.
  • Is there anything in the entire game that you can actually put in the bottles?
  • The climbable rocks could probably be more obvious or better explained (as well as being faster in real time to navigate once you've done it once. The ingame-time taken is fine, maybe even a bit low, it's just a lot of cutscenes and dialogue to get up and down), though they are already pretty distinctive. I am not the most perceptive, but still, it took me three aborted playthroughs to find them.
  • This log glitches out after moving it and entering/returning from the cave.

I just wanna say that I played it a little. .. and it's very nice alpha version. I had a some fun. I'm waiting for more and good luck


First of all, I'm deeply sorry for the very very very late reply, I had some issues in my personal life, and I also managed to forget my password for this account...
So, I'll immediately answer every single one of your questions, and I hope they'll be worth the wait x)

- The mapping of the keys was originally made with an AZERTY keyboard in mind. I'll be honest, as a good old European Idiot, I completely forgot that most of the players would play on a QWERTY keyboard, and that it would be complicated for them to play with a game made for AZERTYs x)
That'll be fixed in the 0.2 Update, where I'll either allow the players to select their prefered setting, or just redo the mapping completely and remove every issues.

- Yep, currently, it's walking around that makes the time of the day advance. I'll probably modify the system in the 0.2 Update, and I will also add something to indicate the current time, maybe a clock or a "Daytime/Evening" indicator like in Persona.

- I couldn't find a way to show the Hunger/Thirst meter on the status screen, but in future updates, this screen will be removed completely and the Hunger/Thirst system will be either overhauled or changed, so it doesn't really matter x)

- That's... Actually an oversight. I probably did that mistake while setting up the items in the inventory.
Also, the statuses should have been "Thirsty" and "Hungry", and the food/drinks should have cured them.
Thanks for telling me this, I'll try to fix it in the next update. (<= i'm starting to sound like Peter Molyneux, here...)

- I blame that on the Jam xD
More seriously, originally, I planned to add a Romance system, where you had to speak multiple time with her, answer some questions and offer her gifts in order to seduce her and make her your girlfriend. The gifting was actually part of that system, and was to occur when you had already established at least a friendship with her, but I didn't have enough time to implement it correctly, so I had to do what I could, that'll be fixed.
Probably not in the 0.2, but maybe around the 0.5 update, or something like that.

- I agree wholeheartedly, i'll add more spots to farm flint stones on the map, and maybe some guaranteed spots too.

- You're not the first one to tell me that, actually.
I'll probably redo the entire tileset and replace it with a 100% original one, with better indications on what you can interact with or not.
I'll also add some visual feedbacks on interactions, like, maybe show if something can be interacted with by showing the relevant key somewhere on the screen.
I don't know, I'll think about a way x)

- And that's a bug i'm already aware of, and it's entirely my fault.
It's because I was actually too lazy to create a whole charset for the log, that could allow me to make it a single entity instead of two interconnected entities.
That'll be fixed in the 0.2 Update, for SURE, and if it isn't, I ask anyone that reads this to kick me in the nuts x)

There we go, I apologize again for replying so late, and I hope my answers satisfy you.
I'll try to post more informations on the 0.2 Update's progression in the following weeks/months.
Sorry again.