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Can't Upload Banner?

A topic by Faberwerks created Dec 15, 2018 Views: 628 Replies: 8
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So we've been trying a banner to our page. It is pretty large, 25 MB, and the format is PNG. But the download has reached 100% (we tried three times) and it still doesn't show even when we save and reload the page. Is this an error or are we doing something wrong?


How big is it in pixels?! And did you choose fixed width, or full width? If the latter, it's possible that your image isn't being resized, and you're only seeing a transparent corner or something. Best to resize it yourself upfront; currently has a layout 960px wide if I'm not mistaken.

It's 3734 x 1732 haha

I guess we'll resize it first, thanks!


25mb is way over the image size limit, you should try resizing it, optimizing it, and potentially converting it to a JPG. The upload dialog should show max size you can upload. It sounds like the error message isn't appearing when you try to break the limit though. I'll file a bug internally. Thanks

Any thoughts on possibly allowing off-site image hosting for situations like this? In the vast majority of cases it can probably be worked around, but I was just wondering if you'd considered it.

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

For layout images, no we won't have this. By hosting the files ourselves we ensure that they will never go down and break the page, and people follow the size requirements to help prevent negative impact to page loading. (In this example, having a 30mb image load every time someone loads the page is very excessive, so I think the rules about size are doing their job)

Great points!

Yeah, there was no error message. Our bad in regards to the size! We resized it and now it works, thanks :)

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