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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Steam Release Info

A topic by Cairn4 created Dec 05, 2018 Views: 3,597 Replies: 17
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MewnBase is coming to Steam this Friday!

Store page link:

Having had a wonderful home on for the past two years, my little weird space-cat/survival/base-building game is making the next step by launching on Steam Early Access.

What if I already own the game on

If you own the game on (thank you), you will be able to get a free Steam key for it on your MewnBase downloads page (once the Steam version is available for sale).

What will happen to the version? is an amazing platform and MewnBase won't be leaving it anytime soon. The version will continue to receive updates at the same pace as the Steam version.

How much will it cost?

The game will be launching at $5.99 USD on Steam, the price will also be rising to match.

If you've enjoyed the game, I would greatly appreciate if you could help spread the word, add it to your wishlist, leave it a review once it launches, tell your friends ❤️


- Steve / @cairn4


Congrats on moving into Steam Steve!  Excited that you are still developing MB.  Cheers

- np


Nice one dude, glad to see you're on the up and up


I'm very disappointed with this Steam release. In this day and age when more and more online platforms are being opened and Steam becomes less and less competitive, you just go there?! Hah, that also means the version of the game will be neglected. You are not the first developer who does that and I hate it. Oh well, it's your choice and good luck with feeding an over spoiled publisher and on top of that a monopoly.


If you have read the notes. He’s keeping the game updated on both platforms. 


Look pal. Most of them say that, but in the end even some AAA titles are neglected on other platforms.


Welcome to the harsh world, but I'll definitely buy this on Steam even if I received a key from you. Good luck!


You know he will get less from your purchase on steam right? Like -30% steam tax and the VAT. If you want to support the dev, buy it here.


Haha that's right. However I think having more opportunities for public exposure is more worth to an indie title than minding about taxes (and registration fees).

And perhaps there is no relation between keeping motivation to develop a game and choosing which platform to regist it.


Economies of scale, pal


Congratulations on the Steam launch! I have been enjoying this game for a long time on can't wait to play it, share it and stream it from Steam! Thanks again for all the work you put into making this game amazing!

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btw... pirchased it on both platforms.  ;) played on my Mac and Steam on my PC.

Which downloads page? Steam or Itch?


If you've bought the Itch version, the downloads page for MewnBase that emails to you.  If you're logged into itch you can also find the key by clicking the Download button on the top of the page here:

Congratulation! I've already played ~4 hours and have loved every minute of it.

Keep up the cat puns they are purrfect.


I just got the BIG bundle entirely for this game -- I have played 4 hours straight, looked around, and noticed it was 2 AM already.

9.5/10 will mewn base again!  

I have to say this is a refreshing change of pace -- the game never feels like a grind, the resources are plentiful if you can get out of base long enough!

Any plans to add an oxygen pack to the vehicle?  Would be nice to have an O2/power carrying trailer that refills you when you pop in.  Maybe even a mobile smelter?  I tend to pack a RTG + Battery + Airlock + O2 Module so I can setup a microbase, recharge the O2, and keep exploring.  Would be cool to have this be a module on the vehicle!

love the game. 

Just checking, if we got it from the Bundle we don't get the steam key?