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Hey, is the game no longer being developed? I played it years ago and can't find on the App Store

hey guys.  good to hear updates.

Excellent game. Bought in Steam.

Lol. This is direct download, you can run the exe multiple times I think. ;)

Beautiful. Liked the sweet story.

Wow. This is awesome update. Sounds finally.

thanks for all the development. Very appreciated.


Good game. With hit and trial I figure out how the blocks work. Needs a guide explaining how they work.

Hey, try installing the game through app. I'm using Manjaro KDE, the game is running fine.

yeah lol. I was getting tired playing same map.

Finally sounds. Yes!!!! Love the procedurally generated maps

OMG you are from India?

I'm playing the demo. Like it so far. Can I set combat controls to keyboard too? Difficult to play on a laptop.

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awwww very goood. Please check out other games of the dev too.A new life is so muchh awesome. omg

Total turn off for me. 

Loved playin this game. 

Enjoyed playing it.

thanks. :P 

My laptop screen resolution is 1366x768. In-game buttons get hidden due to my bottom pannel. How to play the game in full screen?

I like the game but I was hoping more like Diner Dash type gameplay. Still great game.

wow this looks good.

Deck of cards come with the game?

Thanks. :P

Hey, the game is not installing through itch app. It redirects here instead. Please look into it. I download the files manually. Love the game :D


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uwu. omg love this game. 5/5 

Install through the app. It'll install the games and add nice launcher. I'm using Manjaro KDE. Itch app is in community repo.

uwu same

All sounds is disabled on first launch. Is that intentional?


Step aside Bezos, there's a new Billionaire in town.

Hey, I'm running Manjaro KDE. Installing the game through Itch app downloads version by default. It is for raspberryPi I think. Installed amd64 version by going Manage>Download other versions. 

Just a heads up if anyone else gets same problem.


love the game. 

Most of the games in the bundle face this problem unfortunately. And it's not their fault. Catalina dropped the support for 32 bit applications.