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New pricing model idea

A topic by Tartle Games created Dec 03, 2018 Views: 308 Replies: 4
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My friend came up with this idea and I think it is excellent, so I am posting it here with his permission. This is an idea for a pricing model for games that I really think could work for indie games.

I wish would let you do sliding payments (is that what they're called?). 
For example, you put your game out there and the first person who downloads it pays 10 cents, 
the next person pays 20 cents, next person pays 30 cents, etc. Early adopters / reviewers get a free ride, 
and leave comments about whether or not it was worth it, 
which increases potential value and makes the next person more willing to pay more. 
There'd be a maximum cost like $5 that it would build up to, 
and by the time it gets there you'd have a lot of people who played it for cheap and left good reviews.
The MegaBus pricing model.

I would use this if it existed. :P


I would wonder if this is something we could script using available APIs. I've never actually looked, but I know is very good about being forward thinking and giving us tools!

Maybe that is possible but it would be good if it were an official & obvious feature on the store page that the buyer understood. That would add a little incentive to buy games using this option early on.


Neat idea. Don't know if I'd make use of it, but it is a neat idea. You'd definitely want the final value and increments to be user-specified, though.

Agreed. Five dollars as the max value would be a steal for some games.

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