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Hello! We hope you enjoy the game! Sticky

A topic by gachapengames created Feb 02, 2024 Views: 1,100 Replies: 6
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Thank you for taking time to view this game, the dev team hopes it provides some entertainment! If you have any feedback, post it here or in the discord channel. Your critiques, both good and bad are important to make Haremwatch as good as it can be!

really good start, good luck.


9/10 the only thing that would make it better for me personally would be even more body hair and futa, but thats just me. love what you got so far and cant wait for more. youve got my support 

do you have a tenative update rollout schedule? also i couldnt join discord...... makes me sad


Hello. We are still preparing an estimate for the 1st update. The Discord link in the games main menu is expired and cannot be edited until next update. The discord link here on the itch page is updated and working.


Really fresh and New 👍


I am loving the game so far though the only issue I have is  can you please have  icons or something for meeting characters when moving about it took me a literal hour just to find mercy after the intro( and no I didn't skip the dialouge I didn't pay attention to it at the time because my father was asking me something related to the semi truck he drives