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this game is a brilliant masterpiece i look forward to the public release of 0.9

when is it released free?

any further expansion of this game planned?

buy yourself a usb or external drive, to house the games off computer proper and make sure your clearing yer recycle bin often. once extracted and clicked first time select run game after authorizing it, just read the popup. after first load, can just play it normally thru the computer while its not technically on it, rather beside it. message me if have issues

personally i took the food selection as a tongue n cheek joke of stereotypical pregnant junkfood

do you have a tenative update rollout schedule? also i couldnt join discord...... makes me sad

i equip wooden sword and go to dungeon, yet it doesn't let me fight i keep getting bounced to angel statue when hp is near gone. am i missing something?

no getting around the initial cost of the 3d printer but if you set yourself a number = to figurines that have to be sold and divide that number into the printer cost you have set your initial depreciation value, or when the printer has paid for itself. as for the coloring and materials to feed the printer, print one, then 9 more = to 10. from that you can gauge a percentage of material used per each one. once you have those 3 price figures determined add them together. that will give you a baseline cost per figurine. as for markup due to labor, ect 10 to 20% is low to mid standard for retail practices. the final factor is delivery. whether you use postal service or fed ex, or ups check if they have flat fee options by weight regardless of shipping location if not, leave that aspect unincluded for time being instead notify purchasers that if they submit an address you can get the delivery fee determined submit the final cost to the buyer for them to approve and pay. once paid you have x number of days to get the product shipped. or do a random sampling of postal costs and set your own flat fee ( risk of loss if wrong)  just my advice to you for your current endeavor. if you want to speak further with me or pick my brain let me know bud.

consider amazons, used to singe their breast off on one side to be better archers, they wore armor like that. not saying squirrel girl is missing a boob; but it is a point of reference to the armor for you.

i went to patreon and upgraded membership, downloaded build and merigold has me on a quest in the swamp, it is a maze no idea how to find the frog healer and as for doctor astrid, i try going back to see her 3rd time but no idea how to start the for children quest. help me out?

i have a 9z rar extractor that extracts 7z just fine. try it 

good, hopefully there isn't a leveling cap; i enjoy grinding levels hopefully i figure out the crafting station as well cause i can't enter the marsh right now

good, i like that creativity is not limited

too bad, even if the reward chest is a once off; the ability to fight a boss like that just for xp would be great

i do patreon as well , i just have never seen such a large gap between public and private before i found this game. that is why i spoke of it.

wouldnt it be interesting to run across a rare crabbor that can be turned? furry is a race in my mind not necessarily that all animal/human versions have to literally have fur. could you imagine a femme version of a crabbor?

does that mean the battle will be reset?

i  have noticed when my characters are ready to give birth, i can't just go to the nun for it. the game makes me go spend money at the inn to trip the birth scene. perhaps offering a 2nd option with nun might be useful instead of her only just doing the magic upgrades.

also a bit of a letdown to open the chest in the cave after killing that huge crab and no reward lol

i look forward to the next public update release

letting patrons have full access to latest update is great, but what point is served by keeping the free users several versions behind? rather  than just 1 or 2 versions behind. if every .1 is an update free folk are 7 versions behind and the bug fix for leveling is 2 versions ahead? not an attractive way to woo prospective patrons bud

just started game, nice feel to it; however im stuck at level 1 26/25 exp and 0 gaining exp from thing on the surface so i keep  losing the boss fight. i had to earn all that exp in the gym with no clear anything telling me how to level up my character