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Update .02 RELEASE!!!

Changelog 0.02A

  • Story progress for Mei, Dva, Brigitte, Pharah, Mercy, and perhaps others...
  • Many sexy scenes, animations, cgs.
  • Introduction of free-roam non-linear gameplay.
  • Gallery added for scene replay and cg viewing. (This will be expanded upon with future updates.)
  • Improved map navigation and fast travel (There are some quirks to iron out, but it is a vast improvement from initial build.)
  • London added, various locations to explore.
  • 2 small mini-games and introduction of player stats. (These will be expanded upon with future updates.)
  • Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Reaper to reach unintended map locations using Shadow Step.
  • Saves from initial build are not compatible, however there is a skip prologue/intro option.

Note: Game files will be available on our homepage, upon public release.

What is Pharah so mad about!? Find out now!!!

Hello. We are still preparing an estimate for the 1st update. The Discord link in the games main menu is expired and cannot be edited until next update. The discord link here on the itch page is updated and working.

This exact feature, and more travel QOL features are coming in the first update!

If I use a 1080p page bg, at 4k it tiles. How can I keep it fit to screen regardless of the resolution of the display?

The only thing I can think of, make sure you are running the pc version and not the mac version. If that is not it, please try describing your issue with the term "Ren'Py" into google. Haremwatch uses this engine, which is used by many other games to run. It is a universal game engine, so perhaps your error has been solved by others.

Hello. Can you post your operating system? Also is it 32 or 64bit?

Thank you for taking time to view this game, the dev team hopes it provides some entertainment! If you have any feedback, post it here or in the discord channel. Your critiques, both good and bad are important to make Haremwatch as good as it can be!