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Update .02 released to patrons! Sticky

A topic by gachapengames created 27 days ago Views: 334
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Update .02 RELEASE!!!

Changelog 0.02A

  • Story progress for Mei, Dva, Brigitte, Pharah, Mercy, and perhaps others...
  • Many sexy scenes, animations, cgs.
  • Introduction of free-roam non-linear gameplay.
  • Gallery added for scene replay and cg viewing. (This will be expanded upon with future updates.)
  • Improved map navigation and fast travel (There are some quirks to iron out, but it is a vast improvement from initial build.)
  • London added, various locations to explore.
  • 2 small mini-games and introduction of player stats. (These will be expanded upon with future updates.)
  • Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Reaper to reach unintended map locations using Shadow Step.
  • Saves from initial build are not compatible, however there is a skip prologue/intro option.

Note: Game files will be available on our homepage, upon public release.

What is Pharah so mad about!? Find out now!!!