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Really fresh and New 👍

Amazing news keep posting tour ideas so people Can give advice too 😎👍

Haremwatch community · Created a new topic Quality of life

When fast travelling maybe add the caracters faces on the locations they are currently AT . It may be easyer if you want to focus on a certain caracter questline . 

Idk if its a bug i read bellow that the option IS not in the game , need clarifications (can't touch neither convince) the touching option will always Roll a 7, and command script crash. 

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I can't load in the snow zone to do the fourniture quest . im on Android and tried to update and uninstall the game .

Android soon?

Android ?


Android soon ? 🕵️

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Android soon ?

Too hard on mobile . But good graphics 

ok thx im going to try 

Each Time i download the New apk i have to restart the whole game , why isnt it updating ? 

I still have the old version downloaded

Android ?

Android soon ?

And i almost forgot , Could you make a text hidding button for mobile pls 🤔

UP and running perfectly , love the sketches 👍👍 . 

Idea for future updates : MC name change ;

Main menu background picture . 

Hyped for the next update keep UP the great work .💪💪


If you Can make an Android version i Can try it out 🕵️

Very cute game , Hope for the next update soon 😶‍🌫️

You're right next update il  try to review again 👍

Android version would be cool 💪

Good demo , a bit short but the model ambiance makes up for it . 

Few ideas , add renames plus maybe MC customisation . 

GL man .

ok i try 

I agree , would be a great game on android .

Looking promising so far 😶‍🌫️

Graphic are simple but great , the landmark and menu are familiar great work 💪

Nvm Lost all m'y progress 🥲

Update out lets grind 💪💪

Would love to try the game but there is no Android version 🥲

The game is great so far , im think i'm alfways trough. The story is very catching so far 🤩 .In the next updates will there be multiple path for the caracters ?🧐 (Love and Corruption) .😈🥰 

Keep up the good work loving it so far 💪💪


Pls make an Android version i would love to try out the game , the artwork look quite intresting🌝

OMG , the game is amazing the storyline is catching the scenes are smooth and the pace really balanced keep Up the good work 💪💪

Honestly the game is amazing , maybe Up the voices volume a bit more . Because sometimes the are barely noticeable even on max volume . The animation are very well rendered and smooth even on Android . Keep Up the good work 💪