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Organizing a project

A topic by Vukan created Dec 02, 2018 Views: 301 Replies: 9
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My name is Vukan. I am a specialist in internet Marketing. There are many big video game companies that are publishing horible content, yet earn a lot of money. Small game producers are struggling with strong competition. I would like to create a small team to make a video game. Test it and publish it. I promise to teach those who are intrested, how to promote there content and how to raise money. Thank you for your time.

Vukan :) 

What's your actual professional experience in internet marketing?

Youtube marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Flayers. I was in many Non-Govermental organizations in my country, I was project manager. I was a leading member of my Multicipalities Youth Enterprenureship Association. Some of my metods are unconvetional, but I belive that aggresive promotion is the only way to be seen (for a newcommer).

I'm asking for a portfolio. 

Do you want me to send you my CV? Is that what you are looking for.

I was a member of my schools Business Center won the Local competition in Business and Innovation. For 2 years I was a member of Montegrin Union of High School Students. I made some commertial type videos for both organizations. I have a good crew of artists. Languages that we speak, read and write are: Danish, English, Serbo-Croatian, Greek,Portuguese, Russian.  I am good at planning commertials and coordinating projects. You always have people how promise to do a lot, on the end they quit and pressure is on you to finish everything on time. I came to help and just that, money doest intrest me. I can help with rising money for projects, but personaly I would feel as I was stealing if I took a presentage of someones work.

Do you have discord account?

I have made it just now. Username is vukan


We will discuss everything here. I have just made it, plus its late dont expect right now too much.

I would like to create a team. Discus what type of a game we would like to make. Assign duties. Rise funds, develop the game. Test and publish. 

I will teach you many important lessons about marketing, coordination, fundrising. How to compete and be heard. Modern markets are flooded with video games, It is up to You to show the public what makes you difrent.

hey me and my team are just finishing our game and are looking at marketing. none of us have any experience at it and we really need someone with experience in the field please email me at if your interested

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