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Install Java program to Program Files or Itch's default

A topic by philfrei created 12 days ago Views: 37 Replies: 1
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I am new to and have my first "game" ready to release (it is a musical toy/instrument). It is coded in Java, and I have a self-contained, customized JRE that runs the program. This version requires a Windows 64-bit OS. 

I may not have this right, but it seems to me that I have two options. One is to package the application (I've used  Inno Setup 5 for this) so that it behaves like a "native PC" program. The install defaults to "Program Files" (but allows the user to specify elsewhere) and handles creating an entry in the Start Menu and an optional desktop icon. Since it is just a single file, 

The other option is perhaps to just upload the file system (includes about 5 subfolders, with both the code and the customized jre) created by the Java packaging tool, using Butler, and allow the app to handle the installation. But I an unclear on what happens in this case. Will my application be given a subfolder in itch's APPDATA folder? Will there be a Start Menu item created? (It looks like specifying the executable is done in the manifest.) 

I realize I don't fully understand the difference between people using the app to download vs. their browsing and doing it themselves, in terms of what I need to provide for the two options. 

Thank you for any assistance provided! There is a lot of information to take in here for someone who is new to this.




The best way to release a game for the app is to make it self-contained, like you said.

InnoSetup is supported, but not discouraged, see

Apps are installed in whatever install location is specified by the user - by default, in `%APPDATA%/itch/apps`, but they can specify another drive, etc.

As for shortcuts, the feature is planned:

When folks download directly from the website, they just get a .zip file with your self-contained game inside. We're going to be pushing the app more in the future, we already recommend it in support whenever folks can't figure out how to extract a .zip!

Don't forget to upload with for many benefits listed on that page.

Hope this addresses your concerns!