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Ultra Rainbow Bake Sale: singleplayer, deck-building, baking

A topic by Dan Cecile created Aug 07, 2016 Views: 480 Replies: 9
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Welcome to the devlog for Ultra Rainbow Bake Sale!

What you should know about Ultra Rainbow Bake Sale is that it's a singleplayer, deck-building, baking game, and that it's a work-in-progress. I plan to keep making improvements to the game, and I want to do that together with you.

If you're into card games like Dominion, Magic: The Gathering, and Android: Netrunner, and you're not turned off by rainbows and a playful theme, why not download it right now and let me know what you think?

This alpha version includes deck-building (you start with a fixed deck, and try to improve it before the end of the game) along with one cupcake recipe. The play time is about 15 minutes for one session. There's no campaign yet, so all you'll be able to do it try to get a higher score in a new session.

But I've got a lot of questions:

  • Is the game easy enough to learn?
  • Is the game fun?
  • Is the game concept interesting?
  • Are there any bugs?
  • Out of my planned features, which should I add first?

In case you're curious, the game is made with LÖVE the code is online at GitHub, open sourced under the MIT license.

And finally, here's a screenshot of what things look like in-game:

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Download was a bit tricky because i think you are a resident of a specific country blocking your download. To be able to download your game, i had to click on "Downloads not starting?" shown on this download page.

Then a box appeared suggesting :

Some regions have been known to block's download host, Google Cloud Storage. If your downloads aren't starting then you can try enabling alternate download mode and trying again.

(box) Enable alternate download mode

I had to check the box and click again on download.

I'm 95% sure most of players will not try what i did so i encourage you to upload your game directly on rather than keep it on your personal server.


OK, thanks for letting me know.

I already have hosting my game files; I'm not using a personal server. I think that's also what the message box is saying ("'s download host").

Is this the only download that you've seen this problem with recently?

Yes, i never had this message of "region problem" before i tried to download your game :s.


I did a little video feedback :

To summarize : i didn't get it. You will see why in video.

Merci beaucoup! I'm so happy to have a recording of the game, even though I can see you ran into some trouble.

I've already received some feedback that the game is too difficult to understand, so adding on your experience too, I think that's what I'll need to focus on soon.

How about for now I explain a bit to help you be able to play through?

From watching your video, I think the most important thing for you to know is how to use the friends Morgan and Alex. You need to have some hope available (for example, from after playing Glimmer of hope), then use can use a friend to do part of the recipe. The hope required for that part of the recipe is the number on that card (e.g. Measure dry costs 1 hope).

Now that you know it will cost you hope to complete the recipe, the next thing is to make your deck stronger, to be able to generate more and more hope. You can do this by acquiring cards like Feeling of hope (gives you 2 hope) in combination with using Let it go on weaker cards (especially Ennui, and also Glimmer of hope).

I think that should be enough to get the game playable for you. Let me know if things still don't make sense. (I'll try to figure out how to make it easier to learn, like you said by rearranging elements or somehow driving the player toward the starting actions.)

Thanks for trying it out, and thanks for the letting me know that you like the clean aesthetic!

P.S. That first crash on startup, that's something I haven't seen before. I wonder if I'll be able to reproduce and fix it...

P.P.S. It's pronounced more like "bakt" than "bak-ed". I've found that the website is pretty handy for this kind of thing. Growing up in Ontario, Canada and taking some French classes in elementary, high school, and university, I can understand a little bit of French but I'm not anywhere close to fluent. Some French words like "ennui" are so superb that they are occasionally used in English and earn their place in English dictionaries.


I'm happy this video helped you.
Maybe you can use subtles links drawn from a card/block leading to all others it can interact with ?
After your explanation, i understand that the value aside any card doesn't mean the amount of this card i got.

To understand that i need hope to do things, i would like to see that information shwon in the info box like :

Alex (needs 1 hope)
Description here ...

Also, one thing that maybe it lacks is to explain what is the concrete use of our cards.and to fullfil what goal. I mean, i understood i will bake cupcakes but i don't have any recipe to follow or i don't know what to use to try by myself.

From the explanation you gave, i have the feeling that i am still lost because i don't understand what to choose 1st and what to do after. the only thing i know is i need hope. But am i justing cooking a cake or fighting something ?

Thx for the link for pronunciation :).

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Oh I see. Yeah, if the number beside one of the friends' names showed the hope required, then it would be more clear that's what you need next.

As for the recipe, you just need to complete the tasks in the batch in order:

  1. Measure dry
  2. Measure wet
  3. Mix together
  4. Pour batter
  5. ...

The number next to the task is how much hope the task needs. For example, Measure dry needs 1 hope, and Pour batter needs 4 hope.

But I can see how that's not clear based on the description on the cards. I'll need to figure out how to explain that in-game.

Once Morgan and Alex finish baking the cupcakes, they'll sell them at a bake sale to raise awareness for LGBTQ (gay) issues, like bullying and stereotyping. The sale part isn't included in the game yet, and neither is battling against the forces of despair, so right now all it is is baking.

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I've published a new build, version 0.1.46, which I hope helps a little bit in making it more clear what actions to take in the game.

  • Make Morgan and Alex only enabled when they actually have actions available.
  • Use transparency to more clearly show which cards are clickable.
  • Add more hints in the card descriptions about the importance of hope.

(Bonus: the escape key now works to pull up the settings menu!)

Does this help? I still have more UX improvements planned...

OK, version 0.1.52 finally includes the improved in-game help that Visumeca asked for. This new "tips" system will tell you if you need hope, or if you should play a mindset, or if it's time to do some baking. Hovering over the tip shows the explanation, and then clicking on it highlights the needed cards.

Here are a couple examples:

Also by Visumeca's suggestion, I've moved the most important information for a new player, the info box, and the tips, over to the top-left corner:

I hope is helping to make the game easier to learn. Try it out (it's free), and let me know! Is it still difficult to learn how to play?