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A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle (A kinetic visual novel, girl x girl romance)

A topic by Little Viktoria created Nov 27, 2018 Views: 731 Replies: 4
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Here is my first visual novel, A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle. I'm working on the final parts of the story and waiting for the music to be finished. The game will be out in December.

A story of two girls meeting on the train. Dana’s summer vacation has just started and she’s on her way to volunteer on an organic farm. But she’s not expecting something wonderful to happen on the train…

The game is a kinetic novel, that is, a story that you watch. In the midst of all the flashy supernatural, dramatic, epic (= boring ^^) games, I wanted to make something gentle, subtle, and beautiful.

I'm delighted how it came out, and I enjoyed making it. If I can sell it, I will make more. If you can, please help me by suggesting ways to market the game. It would be a huge help for me.

You can listen to some of the music from the game here:

If you like my art, you can see more at, or (some explicit things there ^^)

Jeez your art is so good! :-]

Thank you ^^

The game is out! ^^

You can find it at


The art is gorgeous I can't wait to try this out!!

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