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"Email game owners" question

A topic by CaptainD created Nov 23, 2018 Views: 82 Replies: 3
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Would emailing owners of a game to give them a  coupon code to get other titles at a discount be okay?  Obviously to some extent this could be seen as marketing but I'd also like to view is as a bit of a reward to people who have supported me by buying my game in the past.


That's something I was thinking about too. I'd like to reward my first customers. Would you, as a customer, like it or consider it harassing?

For myself I think if I was a customer I'd like having the option especially if, as my plan is, for the discount offered to be exclusive (at least for quite a while). As long as its a one - off I can't see it annoying anyone. 

As anyone who's ever bought anything online will know, the bombardment from some online retailers is pretty relentless!  I wouldn't want to be mailing several times about it like they do, that WOULD be annoying. 

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If the customer  is also "following" you, (that is to say, "has subscribed" to your account) I think it's ok.

If the customer is NOT following you, I think they don't want to be contacted.

The problem is that the email adresses currently listed in the payout section do not mention "IF" the customer is following you or not. I think this information could be interesting without saying directly their plain username.