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Report bugs/crashes/etc here! Sticky

A topic by 1029chris created Aug 03, 2016 Views: 893 Replies: 33
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Found a bug? Did your game crash? Tell me here, I'll try to fix it.

If your game has crashed, please either screenshot the crash screen, or write down what it says! It helps a ton!

You can also use the Github Issues page to report bugs, if you prefer using Github.

Hey, so i just downloaded the game and i can't go on the website, since my enter key is broken i have to use the numpad version of enter and it dosen't seem to work. Don't know if it's a bug or yeah


Not a bug, Love2D interprets the enter key and numpad enter key as different keys, and I haven't added it. I'll add in the numpad enter key for the next release!


Just added the numpad enter, the next release will work for you!


Thanks man, i just see a lot of devs completely forget about the numpad


really nice concept and it is fun to play . but in linux version of this game the antivirus cannon doesnt moves on moving mouse .which software did u use to create this game . i am currently learning unity so can this windows type environment can be created there? thanks


The game is made with Love2D, not Unity. Also, that is an unfortunate bug, were you clicking + dragging the blue bar on the antivirus?

When you have a music player paused, pausing the game and resuming it causes the in-game music/video player to continue, the play button still shows the triangle even when the media is being played, pressing it only changes the triangle to two bars and the media continues playing.

Why am I writing so formally lol


Good catch! I'll take a look at that.

(Edited 2 times)

whenever I got onto the internet, its just blank. All it is, is that I see the url and not the webpage. I try clicking the url and typing and nothing changes. Please tell me this is a bug, or am I just too stupid to realize how to do it and whenever I click on the browser it doesn't highlight as blue.

Video: https://youtu.be/ylUW0XvHtd4


I've seen this issue before! Do you have an intel graphics card? Somebody else had this issue, and we tried to figure it out. Turns out, it was an issue with the Intel Graphics driver. You can see more details about the issue here when I reported it to the Love2D issues page: https://bitbucket.org/rude/love/issues/1199/stenci...

Try getting the latest graphics drivers. If that doesn't help, then I'm not sure what would fix it.

I have the same problem


Like I said to StampedLeech96, it seems to be a driver issue. Update your drivers, and if that doesnt work, then I don't know what will.

(Edited 1 time)

The correct link for the url is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylUW0XvHtd4

Cant type in web adress on the internet window

The linux version of this game seems to have some issues, namely I cannot run it. I'm willing to help out but it appears as if the executable is not runable as it currently stands



zsh: exec format error: ./love


Any help would be appreciated. this seems like a great game

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Are you using the itch.io client? The itch.io client has an error where it extracts the executable (which is an AppImage) for some reason. If you are using the itch.io client, try downloading it through the browser.

not a bug, but a suggestion; please make different bullets have different hit sounds! when im fighting the second guy, its really hard because i cant tell if im getting hit by green or blue, so then i loose most of my heath without noticing. im mostly focusing on my target to i dont really see my hp go down, and you might as well have a diferent sound for red and yellow

oh yea and one more thing.... copy paste doesnt quite work... i wana send a lenny face to my friend( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Copy and paste isn't implemented, and for gameplay purposes there's no real reason to do it.

i guess... but still the sugestion


This is a great idea, I'll certainly look into it!


Hey :D When you put this on the url bar : "ù*!:;," and you erase it, the game crash, bluescreen. The error message talk about UTF-8..... It's all I see for the moment xP


That's interesting! I have a feeling it has to do with that ù, I'm not sure if the chat box supports special characters like that. I'll take a look at it, although I'm not sure how to type that into the game, my keyboard doesn't have that character.

(Edited 3 times)

this bug appears to happen with those ACII characters

you can recreate it by doing: alt+ (numpad x) as far as I know, I think these are unsigned shorts (16bit) so don't put in a number over 65535 or overflows yadayadayada computer stuff

etc Alt+0256 to do: ö.

ive tried with alt+246, erase it and blu screen with that UTF-8 bug

(also to do a ù do alt+151, handy chart here http://www.irongeek.com/alt-numpad-ascii-key-combos-and-chart.html )

apparently ALT+F11 skips the part when you are fighting.. bug/glitch?


Whoops! F11 is actually a debugging tool I put into the game to skip dialogue, so I can get to parts of the game faster. I forgot to take it out!

Hahaha looks like your virus erased your brain's memory. Jk. Welp looks like I should keep this version so i have access to the debug xP nice work btw.


Just make sure you don't skip too far, if you press it too many times then different parts of the fight play at wrong times, and it screws everything up.

yep.. did that already xD you released the patched one? The game is off to a great start, I hope you'll do better on the next updates :)

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

(I tried to post this on game jolt but it didn't seem to post no matter what I did. (If it did then I will feel like an idiot lol) This is the only place I could reach to post this, sorry if it's not entirely in the right category!!! But here it is---)

Hi there! I am a fellow fan of your game and I have to say that I loved it!
I even replayed the game about more than 10 times to spot every hint or bug I could find to help improve your game!
I have bugs/issues, feedback and personal opinion here.

-When defeating the first virus, the timer runs out, the timer reverts back to -1:60
(Unsure if it was a Easter egg or not)

-When defeating the second virus, his final "farewell" guns seem to puncture the files on the left side, making the guns on the left side cut in half.

-The wtf.avi files is showing a black screen but plays audio. (Again unsure if intentionally done so or not)

-When triggering the "Your enemy" or "Your lover" change, the responder name is still say "friend". Even the chat notification in the right bottom corner still says "Best friend"

And those are the most noticeable bugs I could spot.

This isn't complimentary yet---but some good feedback!

-I have to say, I tried all difficultly levels. As somebody who indulges in various bullet hell games, my only complaint and concern is that fairly large…hitbox. Hopefully no change needs to be done. Rather it can be simplified so you wouldn't have to change many things. With increased mouse sensitivity or tablet, the speed of my hands wouldn't even matter on accomplishing not getting hit. Past hard difficulty it's simply impossible to NOT get hit.
This is coming from somebody who plays bullet hell games on the hardest mode with the goal to not get hit. But the size of this hitbox is a problem. Of course nothing really has to change here. Maybe a special core in the antivirus is sensitive and counts as a hit? I know it simply can't be shrunken down or it wouldn't look natural. But I suggest something must be done about that.

-The "friend" and the atmosphere of the game
I wasn't sure where you were drifting with the atmosphere in this game. Playing this made me feel like a young 11 year old who's a fair idiot. Don't get me wrong there, it's not such a bad thing!
But I want to be my own person. I can't speak for everyone, but it seems too…childish to fall for a call of duty free game. It can be like a free version of a program everyone seems to have that you don't.
But then again it's your game, maybe you DID have this main character that we must play in the shoes in.
Also the friend is fine. Although by seeing how they "act" when you don't do anything tells me otherwise haha. They must be a future boss? Not sure.
So no need to worry on their dialogue.

-Dialogue can be stretched

Although the dialogue has some nice down to earth conversation, I feel it wouldn't hurt to add some. Like the first virus, he just comes up and be all like: IMMA REK YOUR SHIT SON!

But I know he's merely acting like a virus would…if they talked. Haha. I enjoy his character to be honest.
But it would be cool if he could mess with you. Like a real virus. His entrance needs no major changes. But it'll make him more annoying (in a good way?) and more satisfying to "kill" IF he could perhaps open all your tabs or poke fun at your computer. (Nobody likes their computer insulted)

And of course I played to see a difference with the second virus after seeing the reaction of the first virus. And even after replaying and NOT dying on the first virus I saw dialogue change with the second. But selfishly I died on purpose every time to see what the second virus would say. Although satisfied, I just wished he'd say a few more boxes of dialogue. He and the first virus have great personalities and need no change at all!

Personal Opinion: BRING IT IN!
Now all that aside--- YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT GAME DUDE!
You got a little fandom starting you know? People are greatly attached to your characters, especially the second guy! Although I really wish…

I REALLY WISH THEY HAD NAMES! I've met several encounters of when I was asked who they were if I drew them, but I could only say is, "they're viruses."

But I feel that because they have a sense of life they should have names!
So hopefully you could add names for them!
And people are actually making animations of these two! (Although I apologize, I can't find them right now!)
So all I could ask is that you please PLEASE please do not let he first two slide so easily from death. People love them, and it's such a heartbreak to see them ago, especially the second virus- (Well the first one I know is alive…I think?)
Like why not a alliance or team up??? A suggestion but whatever you wish to go with it!

And the plot is amazing!
The idea of old school and the polygon bodies they have meshes everything up perfectly! It feels like an old PC at times.
And when people animate the battles or such, it isn't so hard for them!

I also have to say that the battling style is also new in some way. It makes use of holding the antivirus and letting go to get rid of ads. But I tend to feel a bit cramped from not being able to travel up to the top half of the screen.

Anyways, that's all I have for now. I've made you some art myself (that I have no confidence of showing lol) and will continue to advertise your game! Hopefully you don't give up on it, the game really has potential!

Also hopefully I can make you a cover art, that'll be a honor!
But right now I wanna hear your opinion on that before I embarrass myself haha.

So keep up the good work man! AND SORRY AGAIN IF ITS IN THE WRONG CATEGORY!

I posted a bug and realized there was this tread.....

I'm an idiot.

but I cannot drag the antivirus during the fight. before the fight I can drag anything (the antivirus, and that amazing art you put in files)

Im not able to move. Although the game is really fun, and I like the concept, everything works except for the movement of my turret. I've tried clicking and dragging the blue bar at the top. Otherwise, great game!

In the new fight, sometimes an attack is activated way to close to the right, making it impossible to hit.