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Orc Colony community · Created a new topic feedbacks
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The silver mines seem to be producing copper so I have no idea where to get iron except by trading
Upgrading an improved copper smelter(lvl 3 i think) gives a display of "cannot upgrade storage room"
When an orc leaves there is just no way of them returning so maybe you should change how you "hire" them maybe so when they leave you can rehire them?
You can't destroy elevators, which is kinda bad considering they occupy 3 spaces when built even though they actually only occupy 1 space
Also, I think you should add a room for war orcs rather than having workers have to go to war?
Those are just my opinions, other than that great game, keep it up


I think it would be cool to have the mines running out of those rocks because then the player would have to constantly keep finding new resources, might be a bit too much for some people but when it doesn't run out you'll reach a point where you don't need to do anything, would also be cool if there are researchable buildings so not everything is unlocked since the start

also, so there are iron ores so then what does the silver ore give? maybe add a description text below "Silver Ore" like "Iron Ore" "mine here for iron ores"

oh and your description says "Windows only for now" when there's linux and mac versions xD

maybe it should be like
price_meat = price_pigs + random integer
price_food = price_meat + random integer
to fix the logic?
(I think it should be a simple yet easy fix no?)

Le Pipe community · Created a new topic Le Pipe v0.1 update
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-Minigame balancing.
-Info now displays on broken pipe.

Minor Changes:
-Save data now encrypted

-Resolution fix.
-Virus fix.[in-game, not real]

Thank you for your feedback! As I made the resolution settings in the beginning, I forgot to re-check it in the end. It definitely have potential to be a better game with your feedbacks but 1 week is just such a short time, time just passes too quickly especially with school :P Probably won't be updated anymore since its made for the game jam but your feedbacks mean a lot and it definitely will help me on the longer run, thank you very much. Have a good day!

ah I see

It seems that I don't lose as I crash the spikes?

Thank you! late 1 month lol


oh ok

Don't know if it was meant, but I can't seem to break the small crop, water cooker, and some other stuff, it works well for the foundations tho.

It keeps crashing

yep.. did that already xD you released the patched one? The game is off to a great start, I hope you'll do better on the next updates :)

I'd suggest adding easter eggs.. and I'm looking forward to this game.. its off to a great start!

Hahaha looks like your virus erased your brain's memory. Jk. Welp looks like I should keep this version so i have access to the debug xP nice work btw.

apparently ALT+F11 skips the part when you are fighting.. bug/glitch?

I clicked ALT+F11 apparently it skips the part when you are fighting

use the android app, it works... the download file may be missing or something... dev better fix this.. p.s. the web was down to by the time I commented(http://Stronghold2D.com)

Suggest what to change, add, etc. to the game!

nice! Btw I think its tons without the e right? or is it with an e... idk lol

how about the others? Is it a good idea?

oh... yeah mobile... how about like you get 5 times to play on multiplayer until you have to click a link to renew it(an external ad sorta thing) links would work for pc and mobile right...

I think there are people with a pretty lot of AIs. With that, the newer AIs will keep on going down... which means before choosing that AI, they need to scroll further, I think this will be a good feature

What about ads? Doesn't those give money? Idk how ads work tho

maybe a pc only maps

I didn't see the link to the google slides tho

but at least there will be playing with friends right?

I didn't see the link to the google slides

Yay! wait... how? like just plan it out? can I like plan it out on a "board" with super low quality like paint.exe? xP I don't really know how one would make the map

Special Classes(unique abilities, note that I don't know if these are even possible):

Bomber bot

HP - low, like very low

Shield - medium

Damage - big, splash

Speed - medium(?)


HP - relatively big

Shield - medium(?)

Damage - medium, fire-while-moving

Speed - slow


HP - medium

Shield - low

Damage - low-medium(locks on 2 targets, else fires double on the same target)

Speed - medium


HP - medium(when destroyed, spawn two mini bots on position)

Shield - medium

Damage - medium-low

Speed - medium


Boss1 - speciality: targets 4

Boss2 - speciality: stomps and deals damage to the surrounding


-King of the Hill

-Real time multiplayer(would be real awesome!)


-Play with friends(Boss battle maybe, or a co-op mode)

anyways gtg to sleep xP and

I forgot the others :'( (hate when that happens)

I would honestly try to buy it, if I can try to make my mom give me permission... or my dad lol p.s. that meme tho

Oh noes, I gotta play around these classes before the paid version comes out xP

that is true...

yeah but chat is different with forums, you can like say who wanna fight me? (Of course when competing comes out)

oh.. ok.. yeah i went to pc so restart

yeah but I don't have shotguns yet, try completing it with the assault bot. Any luck completing?

Oh you should put a description on doing that xD

Yeah like maybe if you know clash of clans, something like that, or an official chat page would do I guess


I think this game is doing a really great job, I just think an in-app should be considered like skins, backgrounds just to help the developer instead of just buying the game while others gets is for free.(yeah you know, because having skins that you have access to because of purchasing can be something to brag xP whilst buying the app, you can't brag it too much) *this is not a must its just a suggestion, and me personally may not buy any in-app purchases so I just wanted the developer to have something that can support him whilst getting something that only you have.