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Don't Get a Virus

Battle computer viruses in frantic bullet hell showdowns on a Windows 98 styled deskop! · By 1029chris

New Fight Added! Don't Get a Virus 0.1.0 Sticky

A topic by 1029chris created Nov 14, 2016 Views: 1,457 Replies: 10
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This is a huge release! The second virus fight has been added! He is quite different from the first one. More sleazy and greedy. He uses shotguns as his main weapons, and he also uses popup ads to make money. Because of some changes to how the antivirus shoots, the first fight is now a lot easier. So… the second fight is harder by comparison!

Bigger Features

  • Added second virus fight!
  • Spacebar is now used to fire the antivirus. The fire button is gone.
  • Added a couple websites
  • Added health bar for Antivirus
  • Added new music for the second fight

Smaller Features

  • Z key can be used to see next message
  • Clicking on the notification opens up chat
  • Viruses now makes noises when talking
  • Adjusted virus dialogue
  • Desktop and Start menu now bring app to front if already open
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Now using LÖVE 0.10.2

Feedback would be really appreciated! Tell me what you think about the new fight!

Since so much code was added, there are bound to be some bugs hidden in there. If you find any, please report them! If you encounter a crash, please screenshot the crash screen and send it to me!

LÖVE 0.10.2 fixes some issues with Intel Graphics cards, if you were having issues before, try again now!

(P.S. I've added a cheat for those of you who don't want to play the first fight again. While the loading screen is fading away, press "1" and the first fight will be considered completed.)

this boss can't be killed


If you're having trouble, you can set the game to easy mode if you want.

impossible to beat

My Idea is a download for the MyDoom ILOVEYOU MEMZ Virus ;)

MEMZ would be a good idea for the final boss or something.

I don't think using a virus created specifically for a malware reviewer is the best idea for a boss.
Leuark would probably get mad, too.

I dont mean the real thing. I just mean something similar.

I'd suggest adding easter eggs.. and I'm looking forward to this game.. its off to a great start!

this battle is very hard and i wasted 10 fucking hours of my life and i`m going insane i hate my life thanks for making me go insane

I love this game!!1! I think it's a really creative idea. Some parts in the game actually got me scared, like when the Second Virus uses his shotgun after you beat the First Virus.

You should add these:

-More chat dialogue from the "Best Friend" like if you say you prefer Halo than Duty of Call then he would get into an argument ( you should rename Halo to something else lol )

-A little Dot ( small hitbox or something ) on the centre of your Antivirus, basically the target to where the Virus is aiming. Because it's really annoying when a bullet hits the edge of the Window of the Antivirus

-A Duty of Call icon should appear on your Desktop, like a Trophy for beating the first virus

-Customizable backgrounds! Use real photos from your PC to add it in the game!

I'm out of Ideas now