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πŸŒ€ AUI - Stone Snake Island πŸŒ€ DEVLOG - DEMO AVAILABLE

A topic by Elf Games created Nov 19, 2018 Views: 789 Replies: 16
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AUI - Stone Snake Island

AUI - Stone Snake Island

Meet the cutest lava slime EVER and master his many forms: It’s time for AUI!!

AUI is a platform puzzle adventure set on a tropical island amidst fire and water.

To return the favor of saving his life, a young lava slime is determined to aid in her escape a frail water spirit trapped in a pond that will be destroyed by the wake of the near volcano.

Join our goofy hero, take advantage of the environment to switch from solid rock to liquid lava to explore the beautiful island and save the water spirit from certain demise!


Evolve with the Environment!


Aui's basic magma form. He's swift and nimble, able to jump around, stick on walls and wall-jump. He's hot!


Aui's solid form. He's not very agile, but very strong and sturdy. He can break stuff and roll around. He rocks!

Follow our devlog! :D

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DEVLOG 2018-11-21

Heya guys,
Just a few updates about the project. We're currently working on the backgrounds.

The game is set on a remote volcanic island, previously populated by tribals, now uninhabited. For this setting, we're trying to mix a sunny cartoon environment with some elements from the Polynesian culture's traditional art style.

Here's our result:

What do you think? Any feedback is very appreciated!


I like the grumpy boulder


Lookin' good!


Woahhh this looks amazing!! I love the graphics and animations :O


So cute! XD
Does he leave a little trail of lava as he walks around?


That's in the initial concept.
If there will be enough time, I would love to add particles and lava bits left behind! :D

Awesome :)

DEVLOG 2018-11-25

Heya guys!
Working on the intro of our AUI: check this pic!

Who's this mysterious new creature?
What will she say to our hero? :3

DEVLOG 2018-11-27

Heya all,

Our little island is getting livelier by the day :3

We are animating obstacles and stuff in the background, which will help Aui change into his various forms.

The Stone Snakes (which name the island itself) will either blast poor Aui with either fire or water: dodge flames if you want to stay rock-solid, jump into them to melt into lava-form and vice-versa!

Hope you like what you see so far!! There's still so much to implement and polish, but not so much time left, argh! >.<


This is beautiful! What engine are you using for this?

Thank you! We're using Unity3D ;)


DEVLOG 2018-11-28

Heya all,

The intro video for AUI is finally ready!!!

There's just sooooo much going on in it: the great gods make their first appearance on the island, our lava-boy falls into his very first pond, meeting--Enough spoilers, just watch it already!--

Jokes aside, please enjoy the fruit of oh-so-many-sleepless-nights. XD

What do you think of the stone carvings?
Do they give the idea of some ancient writings? :3


Wow, this really impressed! You have put a lot of effort into the artwork style!

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Thank you! We've tried to make our best, and @Ennacrima really did her best with the art :D

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YAY! We did it! It was very hard to finish in time!

You can find it here, in the contest page :D

Thank you for following our devlog! Some gifs and screens are upcoming! :D

We've successfully submitted our project: we can relax now, right? Right?!

False. XD

It's now time to present our work in the best way possible!

So... I've just finished improving the game page. The keyword is: LAVA.
Care to give it a look? Can you give it a WARM welcome? :D